Gain for VPI Companion with supplied Grado Statement Sonata 1.5mV

Got a VPI Classic Companion incoming. Worried about having sufficient gain for my system. Cartridge output is 1.5mV, with 47kOhms loading. ARC PH-3 says 54 db gain and is MM only. Running into an ARC LS-16 GNSC and then an ARC VT-130SE. I was running a Grado Reference previously, which had a 5mV output - which was equally loud to my CD player. Any thoughts on compatibility and sufficient gain from this cartridge? I do not wish to find another phono preamp. If I will not have enough gain, I won't even hookup the cartridge and find something else immediately. I realize I will have to up the volume. Looking for any informed opinions on whether there will be enough gain without too much noise. Thanks.
Cartridge output is 1.5mV
First, I suspect that you mean 0.5 mv. As far as I am aware Grado has not produced any versions of the Sonata having rated outputs of 1.5 mv.

Second, 54 db gain is much higher than is typically provided by phono stages intended only for MM applications. It is roughly mid-way between the typical gains of MM and LOMC stages (and actually a bit closer to what is typical of LOMC stages), which suggests that the PH3 is likely to be suitable for use with many LOMC’s.

Finally, from the description of the PH3 at
Used with typical line preamplifiers having 12 to 18 dB of gain, the PH3 is suitable for phono cartridges having .25 mV output or higher.
So my guess is that you’ll be fine.

-- Al

The PH-3 can be used with a cartridge with a minimum of .25 mv,so you will not have a problem. I use a Quicksilver phono amp with a   1.5 mv Grado. The Quicksilver has 47 db gain and I have no problem. I don't see you running into any noise problem!
Thank you. Apparently, it is something new from Grado, a medium output moving iron, supposedly specially made and especially suitable for the arm on the Classic Companion. A Classic Companion is a Classic 2 with a gimbaled arm instead of the uni-pivot one. (I didn't like the JMW arm on my Scoutmaster for all the years I had it - I know many liked it, but I did not)

  The Cartridge, Grado Companion: 

• Custom made Grado for VPI. 
• 1.5 millivolt output.
• Very low inductance, works right into a moving coil input.
• Stylus and cantilever from the Grado Statement Sonata.
• Replaceable stylus assembly. You can replace or you can upgrade! 
• Threaded aluminum mounting plate for damping, mass, and ease of installation.

Apparently, it is something new from Grado, a medium output moving iron....  Custom made Grado for VPI, 1.5 millivolt output.
Good!  Then I would feel just about certain that you'll have no problem.

-- Al
I feel better. Don't wanna new phono preamp, sounds like I don't need one. Thanks to everyone.