gain control issue

I have a unico hybrid amp. [80watts] driving celius 202 speakers in small room 11'w13'd by 9'h. I can only turn the volume up to 2.5 on the dial then it is a bit loud. Am I loosing anything by having a lack of control re volume, if so is there a solution?
Are you saying 2.5 on the amp volume control or 2.5 o'clock. Big difference. Especially for us not familiar with amp volume control. Basically, if you're not driving your amp into clipping, you're OK.

If bothered, you can always use fixed attenuator like the that available from Rothwell or Harrison Labs, or more flexible stepped attenuators available from EVS or Endler Audio.

Also, contact Unico to see what they recommend.
I've used the Harrison Labs attenuators for this same purpose in the past. They are easy to apply and work well.
If you have ever had the misfortune of operating a beautiful sounding DNM volume pot per each speaker pre amp, you will know what serious 'gain' is with literally a touch of the volume pots.Designed that way apparently.
I have Celius 202, very efficient. Something sounds amiss. What is your source? A low gain phono maybe?

The sources are Unico cd player and rega 25 tt. The lack of gain control is the same for each source. The gain control dial goes up to a max of 10 stops. I am checking out some attenuators. Thanks for the input.
I picked up my Harrison attenuators via Amazon.
Ahh, I get it, sorry. I thought you didn't have enough gain, was thinking 2:30 o'clock on the dial. As suggested, I'd call Unico or Kevin Deal at upscale and see if they had a solution.
Thanx, Russ