Gabriel rapture vs Jade Hybrid :conclusions

I have read all posted about these two brands and models of IC cables, and from these threads my conclusions are :

1.-Rapture is more TRANSPARENT, wider and higher sounstage, more sweet than Valhalla or Stealth INDRA and similar to Kubala Sosna, Faster than Jade, more for tube electronics that can be too mellow and not very fast and transparents.

2.-Jade Hybrid: deeper sounstage,still more sweet that Rapture, Stealt Indra, and kubala sosna, more for SS electronics that can be a little dry or cool.

3.-It seems that the most natural sound comes from KS Emotion and Stealth Indra, perhaps also Siltech Forbes lake?

4.-PC: Elrod and Stealth dream, seems to be the best positioned&loved, with the others as DCCA, Gabriel.... in a very near second position?

Are corrects these statements ?
First of all, there are no absolutes, all of these cables/cords will be dependant on system, room and personal tastes.

That being said, IMHO, you are fairly close on your first two observations, though I would classify the Jade Hybrid closer to the Kubala-Sosna and Purist Audio camp while I would say the Rapture is faster and more transparent, closer to the Stealth camp, not so much the Nordost though. I don't feel that either of these cables are as fast, or thin sounding as the Nordost Valhalla. That's not a knock on the Valhalla, in the right system it can still shine. Also, I don't think saying one or the other would work best with tube or SS gear is accurate. For instance, I am a fan of tubed gear, and I find the Rapture highly engaging. Yet not so much so that I would sell my Hybrid's and buy the Rapture's. Again, this is more of a personal choice. IMHO the Rapture is more dynamic, does percussion with stunning effect and has the larger stage, while the Hybrid sounds better on brass and has a much deeper stage. I believe this will be the same whether using SS or tubes, and your choice would depend on your musical tastes, and your soundstage preferences. Do you prefer sitting closer to the stage, or do you prefer to have the rear walls vanish and sit mid hall?

I would disagree with your 3rd statement, as the word 'natural' can mean many different things to many different folks. I would not say that the K-S Emotion or Stealth Indra sound any more natural to me than the Jade Hybrid or GG Rapture. In fact, IMHO there is something to the fact that conductors with gold in them give brass instruments more bite, like live brass, again IMHO.

I also would take issue with your 4th statement. Again, Elrod and Stealth Dream (my favorite) make great power cords, but that doesn't mean they are the best....there is no absolute best. There are many great cords on the market. Each will work their magic in the right system, again to the right personal tastes. For instance, just because I found the Stealth Dream to work best in my system, I know others who have heard the Dream, and prefer cords from Dream State, BMI and many others. I have also heard the Dream State, BMI and many others, and though they did many things well, some things even better than the Stealth Dream, overall, the Stealth Dream worked better for my tastes, in my system.

Unfortunately, no one can tell you what cable/cord you will like. You just have to experiment for yourself, and draw your own conclusions. You pays your money, you makes your choices.

John thanks for your post, when I says in my 3rd statement:most natural, really I want to say more accurate tonal timbre.
In relation to PC, I think that the Stealth is very good, but surely , IMHO, better suited for tube gear than for SS electronics, and Elrod or KS better for SS electronics.
Said this , the true is that if you have a exceptional tube gear or SS electronics, you can use the Stealth dream, the KS, the Elrod or what you want among the cables that are excellents, and for me these are the cables that don´t impose their signature on the sound, but always hearing the best SS electronics as can be FM, Rey audio, Boulder, Soulution, Gruensch, MBL, top of the symphonic line, perhaps Spectral in a very well manicured system, and few others, I feel that I want a little more I don´t know how to explain,is a meelting pot of sweetnes, special soundstage,tonal timbre, more organic sound, I don´t know, but I know that some cables help to achieve this special atmosphere , and the contrary, with tubes I need a little more transparence, ALMOST dynamics, for me dynamics is very important , because if the sound-music don´t have dynamics is boring, a little more treble, a little more punch in the bass, and again some cables let you to achieve these small quantities of these qualities that you are looking for.
Well I must to decide to try between Jade Hybrid and Gabriel Rapture for my system, that at the moment is based on Pranawire Cosmos IC, PC and speakers, Kubala sosna IC, Elrod and Stealth dream PCs,just for the fun and pleasure of to hear a different sound.
You already have some very nice cables, though I have not had a chance to hear the Pranawire Cosmos yet, I have heard great things about it.

I know Jade offers a 30 day money back guarantee, and I think GG does too. Maybe you could buy one of each and decide for yourself.