Gabriel Gold Rev.

I just won the GG Rev. on auction.
I have all Audio Note silver Sogon in my system and would like some feedback on those who have tried the Rev. vs. AN Sogon or Kondo KSL Silver cables in their system.
Congrats on winning the auction.
Don't you want to hear the new cable first and make your own judgements, before asking for other opinions that may sway your judgement? Why let others tell you what you'll hear? Just my $0.02.

I'd be willing to wager that you like the GG Revs better than your Kondo KSL'S

You a very right on. I will talk later on this and I must say the Kondo sucks comparied to the GG Rev.
glory there is another long running GG thread with over 200 post that you may want to check out.I started it 2 years ago and a lot more people have discovered exactly what you have.Check it out you may want to add your two cents.
Bob f