Gabriel Gold IC's are they really this good?

Any one else out there using these Gabriel Gold IC's?
I need to know if it is me or if anyone else finds them as good as me.
I bought a pair on auction a while back and compared them to my Stealth cables.
After about a week of going back and forth I found the Gabriel Golds to have bettered my Stealths and bought more.
Is it me?
Just wondering what some other folks who bought them think of them.
Thanks for the input.
Gabriel  cables compare to Audio Envy that are excellent , I wonder how much better the GC  to the Audio Envy Cables ?It looks like Gabriel are not that popular, this thread is old.
I have been using GG speaker Reflection v2 and Reflection v2 IC's for six years. They just get out of thecway of the signal. NEUTRAL, transparent, fast and just a shade warm over dead neutral. Highly recommended 👌. 
No not great just average.
Most folks who have them keep them - 
1.3 million views on this thread over time is a testament to popularity.