Gabriel gold

  Does anyone know if Steve is still making cables for Gabriel gold,  have not seen anything new on his website for some time now.  He makes very nice cables 
Hello kedoades-

Still here and still going strong thanks in part to the original GG thread which now has over 1.3 million views.
Been a bit obsessed with designing as usual.Three new IC's along with a new AC Cord and speaker wire completed and just doing some final tweaks.

The site really does need some upgrading

Steve Brunelle
Gabriel Gold
  Hey Steve, good to here.  Looking foward to hearing some of your latest cables
Hi Sts (Steve),

I’ve tried to contact you through your website but didn't get a response. Would like to know prices for your interconnects. As far as your product line I know about the Raptures but was else do you offer?

Thanks for any info

  Mark, the raptures are good but in my opinion the newer reflections are better
Thanks for the heads up kedoades!