Fyne Speakers now in the USA

I noticed that Suncoast Audio in Sarasota Florida is now selling Fyne speakers. I'm in NH so it would be a bit of a road trip for me. Has anyone heard them. Apparently they were designed by former speaker designers from Tannoy. Looking at the specs they seem highly efficient. They seem to be selling very well in Europe and have excellent reviews.
Their web site does not list any American dealers yet. The F1-12 is a very intriguing loudspeaker and looks very nicely made. It should image beautifully. They are also no joke costing something like $30,000/pr.
For high efficiency point source people this could be the ultimate speaker.
Hey luxmancl38 I live in southern NH near Salem!
Hi guys - we do indeed have the Fyne Audio Speakers.   I’ve posted a few videos on YouTube as well.  We have the F702’s, with the F1-12’s and F502SP’s on the way.  They are high efficient and super easy to drive.   We are enjoying them today with a Pass INT-25.

The feedback from customers has been excellent:  https://www.audioshark.org/fyne-audio-218/fyne-702-s-arrive-16908-page2.html?styleid=4

Also, Fyne Audio will be at RMAF this weekend.  Be sure to check them out if you’re going!


Mike can you explain what the dials are at the bottom of the F-12 and F-10. Is it to control the bass? Looking at the specs they seem to be a nice partner w/tubes. Have you tried these speakers any tube gear??
mijostyn I live in Manchester off exit 10. Bought most of my gear at Audio/Video Therapy. I've known the owner John for around 20 years.
With free shipping and their low priceyou might as well just order them. Not much to lose.
Hi Luxmancl38,

The dials on the F1 series have to do with presence and HF.  Fyne audio says about the controls:

”The F1-10 and F1-12 have high quality potentiometer controls for HF energy and presence ensure the F1-10 will deliver optimum performance irrespective of room size or placement.”

Also, please note there are two standmounts coming in the F1 series.  
Luxmancl35, the presence control is a notch filter centered on about 3 kHz turning it down will damped sibilance. 
Just a stones throw. I've never been in that store. I frequent Fidelis in Nashua on occasion. I have an idea. You buy the Fyne F1-12s so I can hear them:)
I heard the Fyne speakers at AXPONA this year in the Cary Audio room.  They had a little Cary SLI-80 using 40 watts in triode through Fyne's top-of-the-line (I believe) speakers and the sound was very good.  I don't know what their lower end products sound like.
mijostyn Checked my bed mattress not enough cash.
Luxmancl38, well then I guess you need to rob another bank:) Some day we will meet at Audio/Video Therapy.
30k for a 2 way? Curious if anyone has compared to other British speakers like Harbeth 40.2 or B&W 800D3.

will you/do you also carry the F302 and F502’s? I’ve seen rave reviews for even the lower line of FYNE audio speakers. Wondering how they would compare to Tekton Lore Reference.
We have the 502SP’s on the way.  Yes.