Fyne F703...anyone owns the ?

Hello...looking for some input on Fyne F703 speakers..any owners of this recent speaker?
o...good...how did you select them...ie. compared with other in a similar price range ?...what brands?
I read a bunch about them and the similar Tannoys and found a dealer in SoCal that had a return policy. Unfortunately the closest hi-fi shops to me are in the SF Bay and LA areas so I knew I'd had to read as much about them as I could and then hope a dealer has a return policy. I had one other speaker for audition and it was a pair or LSA Statement 10 book shelves and although they sounded impressive their awkward specs weren't a good match for my amps so they went back which cost me $70. Tekton was also on my radar and even spoke to Mr. Alexander looking for his recommendation. The speaker he recommended was a bit out on production so I decided to take a listen to the Fynes and, well, they stayed at my house. 

I have a smallish dedicated and treated 2ch room (11.5' x 14') and these speakers work very well with my electronics and are what I was looking for. Laid back, smooth, great bass and a tad on the warmer side. The latter surprised me the most since I was thinking the compression tweeter would be bright and I was hoping my tubed preamp and class a amps would smooth things out. These speakers replaced a pair of 8" full range which have a fantastic midrange so I was hopeful the Fynes would equal that and they have. 
I bought a pair of Fyne F501 drone Gene Rubin in CA and I am very happy with them. I switched from Magnepan because I need an overall cohesive speaker from high to low and Fyne definitely do that very well. If I can afford the 703, I will not hesitate for a second to buy them. They are just out of my price range. I also noticed they also have 502 special edition that borrow a lot if the 700 series with a lower price tag. Good luck!
We have the 702’s in the store (along with the 502SP’s and the F1-12’s) and I can only imagine the 703’s or 704’s after hearing what the 702’s do in our 17 x 25 listening room.  The bass is full and deep, the mids are natural and the overall speaker is very dynamic and “live” sounding.  Plus they look gorgeous in the walnut!
I bought a f703 recently after falling in love with the Tannoy Arden speakers. f703 are great looking speakers. Was absolutely blown away with the SQ of the speakers at the shop. Still in the process of finding the right match in terms of amplifier and running the speakers in. HAve done well over 500hrs. Have used the SPEC M3-EX but currently fail to get the bass. In the process of trying McIntosh tube preamp and SS amp. Will keep you posted on the journey.  
I’m looking at the F1-8s. Finally able to get back into a local dealer in NorCal and loved the sound of the Fyne’s. I have had experience with Tannoy and lean toward their sound personality.

I did just buy the Wharfedale Elysian 2s. Not to hijack, but what an amazing speaker. Hoping to have the ability to do a side by side with the Fyne’s.

Using Roon on my front end, Qobuz to stream. Custom DAC and Purifi amplification. Finally able to get rid of older tube and SS amps....
Jim Smith of Get Better Sound, Atlanta, GA has F703's. You can read about them on AudioShark, and Jim is very eager to help if you have any questions.

I have the F704s with some 15 hours on them. Thus far I am thrilled with these speakers. The midrange presence is uncanny. Fulsome and full bodied bass coupled with balanced highs. A fun speaker with a large and expansive stage filled with richly delivered detail.

Another happy owner of the F704s here. I've had them for about six months and absolutely love them. They are fantastic speakers, beautifully balanced, dynamic as can be, and most importantly, incredibly musical. Put them in a good system and the Gates of Valhalla will open.

@grannyring just wait until you get a couple hundred hours on them! They'll open up even more and continue to improve in those areas you already mention.

F1-12 owner here, pretty fantastic so far. Amp matching is more taste than anything. I've been using anything from a LTA to an Ampzilla with great results. Have also tried Dartzeel, Enleum (Bakoon), FirstWatt, and Pass XA25. They sound more modern than Tannoy with much better bass. 


Yes,  150 pounds each. They have tremendous bass and dynamics when called for. Play classical better than any speaker I have heard. Play all genre of music with equally stellar results. Want to rock? Goodness these can rock. Want beautiful vocals or acoustic? They deliver. They are big and heavy.

Oh yes. Beautiful synergy with these 96db efficient music makers.  Perfect combo. I feel so fortunate! 

I'm going to try to listen to the 702 next week. A friend of mine says they are a little "modern" in the presence region similar to what I experienced with the O/93 but I'm excited to hear them, not that I'm in the market, more in the area of a pair. 

Congrats to those that own them, they look nice. The finish work on the F1 series looks superb.  Grannyring did you purchase the pair or did you have them for demo?

I purchased them new. The 703 & 704 differ pretty significantly from the 702 in the tweeter and other areas. They are more refined sounding and the ”presence” is toned back a notch. No hint of shout or being bright with the 704. They are very full bodied and well balanced top to bottom. The 702 has some very happy owners and I will be interested in your findings.  

Let us know what gear is paired with the 702 and what you find. Thanks!

I am a Fyne dealer and have the 701’s in the shop, the F1-12 (ordered several months ago) should land my way by the end of January and just ordered the 703’s.

I love the 701 and so many folks say the same about Fyne as mentioned above….similar to Tannoy but a more modern (dynamic) sound.  I can’t say better, but definitely different.  I’ll report back once the 703s arrive and have had time to listen!!

They are special, indeed.





I will add this bit of recent learning on the Fyne 704 speakers. They need break in and I can tell you with 100% confidence that break in is very real with these speakers. At about the 110 hour mark they started becoming more open and boxless in their sound. At around 150 hours they started sounding far more resolving. The improvement was jaw dripping and happened seemingly in an instant. Very strange experience, but it was real.

I am now just over 300 hours or so and the sound remains open, resolved and remarkably dynamic. The depth of stage is the best I have ever heard adding to the speaker’s wonderful sense of realism. I have heard total break in is up to 800 hours. I have not heard that much additional change after 200-225 hours, but we will see.   

I also spent 2.5 hours one afternoon with the help of a local dealer/music lover who helped me position these to extract the very most out of them. All I can say is wow!
He ended up bringing them further into the room by some 6-8 inches. He commented we were hearing the reflected sound off the fireplace wall behind the speakers. By moving the speakers further away from that wall we began hearing the speaker and not the wall! He also increased the amount of toe-in pretty dramatically. The tweeters are now pointing almost at my ears!

Tiny 1/8-1/4 inch adjustments on toe-in and distance between the speakers were making nice incremental sound improvements.

To say I am thrilled is an understatement. My expectations have been exceeded!

Oh my that has me laughing! Well, if being 100% open and transparent, then I would say the FYCs are moving from being tolerated to being somewhat appreciated. While not love at first sight, I do sense a fondness brewing within her.

Moving them more into the room has slowed the love process for her as you might imagine.

The F703s are one of my two reference pairs, ATC SCM50ASLT being the other. I drive my F703s with the entire Zesto chain (phono, line and amp).

Yes, Jim Smith replaced his $30k Tannoy Canterbury speakers with $10k custom Duelund crossovers with the F703s. You can hear them by attending one of his RoomPlay Reference sessions at very reasonable cost.

RoomPlay Reference



can the 703's make rock music sing?

do they need to be loud to perform?

Hello, I've just purchased a pair of F704s. Has anyone got experience pairing with Linn amps,ie. A4200?


I have a pair of Fyne Audio 702s, driven by Rogue Audio RP-7 preamp and Stereo 100 “Dark” 100 wpc tube power amp.  The SQ is marvelous, with great instrument tonality, superb imaging, and a wide and deep sound stage.  The only shortfall is that the 8” woofers don’t give as much bass as I desire, so I am looking for a subwoofer to complement the 702s.  But, within their capabilities, they are simply superb.  Fortunately, I got them before the sharp price increase, which makes me wish I had gone for the 703s. Our room is 12.5 x ~20 x 8, and the Stereo 100 is not even pushed to drive them to fairly high levels.  The biggest surprise was how good some of my 1980s Sheffield and Mobile Fidelity LPs (via my Thorens TD126 MKII with a very modest phono stage and Audio Technica VM540ML MM cartridge) sound … very “organic” and alive, especially female vocalists.  It is as if they are in the room with us.  This system replaced a McIntosh MC2120 I bought in 1980 and had refurbed in about 2008, a Yamaha C2x preamp—which I may yet have refurbed—and the 1991 Infinity Modulus EMIT satellites and servo-sub speaker set.  I am very pleased with the new system.

@grannyring Thanks for your detailed description of the break in process.  I just took delivery of a new pair of F703's and began the breakin process. My current go to speaker is the Avalon Eidelon Diamond - but there are a lot of attributes of the Fynes that I have been mighty curious about.  I'll post impressions in 10 days or so.  

I am very impressed with the F703’s. They are quite lively and engaging with articulate base. A little bit forward in the upper mids, but not annoyingly so. I have not yet tried to tune them in, and I’m also planning on trying some Hijiri cables in a few weeks. Right now I am driving them with VAC Phi200 amplifier mono blocks. I am going to try and EL34 amplifier as well. I think they are quite a good product for the money, and very enjoyable.