Fyne Audio - Anyone heard lf it?

Whathifi has given a few of their speakers some high praise. Some of their designs look shockingly similar to Tannoy. Especially the F500 series, which is pretty much the exact same design as the XT Revolution Tannoy series. Did someone from Tannoy split off from the company?

Either way they are a nice looking speaker.

I talked to Gene today and I have decided to go a different direction from the Magnepans "little ribbons", Tekton Lores, and Zu Omens.  I am going to go with the Fyne F501.  Will take a little more money but from the demos I heard they sound great even on Youtube.  I can see why they are award winners.  I have never been a huge base guy, but the base with these serves as the depth and it comes out in the songs.  It doesn't dominate.
@lee2000You won't be disappointed! I have the 501s and I'm very happy with their sound.
Has anyone heard the F1-10 or F1-12?
BASS...it's spelled BASS.
Wow, I remember Gene Rubin from my old audio days. Good dealer. Good fellow to do business with and rely on. j