Fyne Audio - Anyone heard lf it?

Whathifi has given a few of their speakers some high praise. Some of their designs look shockingly similar to Tannoy. Especially the F500 series, which is pretty much the exact same design as the XT Revolution Tannoy series. Did someone from Tannoy split off from the company?

Either way they are a nice looking speaker.

I've heard of them! Just from What Hifi review. Went to their website to see if there's a dealer close to me so I could audition these Fyne speakers. Not available in the US yet. Bummer as I'm in the market for new speakers. My Paradigms that I bought in 1988 are finally giving up the ghost. 

Yes, some people from Tannoy split off and created it in Scotland somewhere, with local government development support, on the occasion of one of the times that Tannoy changed hands due to corporate/conglomerate horse-trading.
If they get distribution in the US I would really like to try them out.  Tannoys are nearly non-existant in the US.  I live in the tri-state area and had a lot of trouble tracking down a Tannoy dealer.  Even then it turned out to be by appointment only.  

It would be nice to be able to order them online with a trial period.
Don't know why a company such as Tannoy ignores the US which I think is a substantial market. I too had trouble locating a dealer. Growing up in SE Asia, my dad had Tannoys at home. 

I emailed Fyne audio enquiring about their speakers a while back, but radio-silence. I don't get it. 
Sorry to hear of the above - it has been manically busy for the guys here and they have struggled to keep pace unfortunately. 

I have just joined the company today in Sales support so please feel free to drop us a line again and we will try to direct you to a distributor in your area.  Where in the world are you?
@stesco - I am in New Jersey.  Are there any distributors over here?