FYI: Soundsmith pre-modified Denon DL103 and 103R -

If you have been contemplating either of these cartridges that come already modified by Soundsmith - time may be running out.

Soundsmith has developed their own line of "fixed coil" cartridges, so they are simply running down their existing stocks of these cartridges.


Their reply to my email....
We still have some stock on the DL103 at $229.00 and the DL103R at $579. We can also offer these with the Soundsmith modifications.
DL103 ruby cantilever and ...
        Contact line stylus $479.95, 
        Contact line nude   649.95, 
        Optimized CL         579.95
        OC/CL Nude           749.65

We can also modify the DL103R in the same configurations as the DL103 at 829.95, 999.95, 929.95 and $1099.95.

We can no longer offer the wood body due to supplier difficulties.

However, they will continue to refurbish existing cartridges