FYI Pink Floyd

I just tripped across this release this AM, so SIAP:

Per Bloomberg News, Pink Floyd to issue a new release later this year.
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Nick Mason is a very serious car guy; he did a book a decade or more ago,
i forget the title, it may be 'At Speed,' where in conjunction with a
professional driver they road tested a number of cars in his collection.
I seem to recall that he has some form of the old Auto Union race car as
well, though I may be wrong.
I gather that he attends one of the Goodwood Festivals each
year and is pretty down to earth about it all, at least with other gearheads.
The 250 GT0 never did it for me; the 250 SWB, a little earlier, had that
more traditional shark nosed, aggressive look. Similarly, while the collectors
go 'gaga' over the pontoon fendered Testa Rossa, the 375 MM+ is more
appealing to me. These cars are now all unobtanium. Back in the late 60's
and early 70's, they were buyable by mere mortals. Look up Ed Niles and
the cars he owned back in the day. The coolest of the 250 GT0's I saw in
the flesh was one that had chipped paint, tatty interior, and was the
complete opposite of a Pebble Beach restoration.
PS: one of them was the high school 'shop' car for kids to work on until
someone realized the value of the car. There are several pretty decent
books on the GT0s, and they get them together on occasion.
I hope the new album is better than the Division Bell.
If Roger Waters is not involved I'm probably not interested.
I thought I read it is left over tracks from the Division Bell?
Yes, left over tracks from a already weak album.
IMO, Division Bell is a great album if one hears it on a system that can do it justice. Yes, it's a bit personal for Gilmour, but the playing, musical creativity, and sonics are beyond superb, just like any product that Gilmour has a hand in.
BTW, the new double-LP Division Bell sounds fantastic and easily surpasses the original blue vinyl.
Had the pleasure of meeting Nick Mason and had a quick chat about cars. Also met Roger several times.

The new album is mostly instrumental.

The Division Bell box set is said to one of the best sounding recordings. My box set will arrive this week.
I've found that the hype surrounding the latest remastering of "The Division Bell" to be somewhat misplaced. There's no doubt it's superior to the original US (blue) version. Comparing it to my best sounding PF lps, it lacks the openness, the dynamics, and the transient response of those lps, I suppose since this is Doug Sax & James Guthrie's (two very respectable tecnicians) second try at it, that the original recording just isn't up to the highest standards of the best sounding PF lps.

Having said this, I can now enjoy listening to this fine effort.