FYI - New B W CM Series

FYI - I was looking at the B&W website and I noticed a new CM Series. Very classic B&W looks. The new models will be a CM2 bookshelf/stand speaker; a CM4 Floorstander and a CMC Center Channel. I spoke to a dealer and he said they would be priced between the CDM Series and 600 Series. They are for those who want something better than the 600 Series, but think the CDMs are too strange looking. They should be in the stores in a couple weeks. Check out the website in the interim.
Gosh, that's fabulous news. It could get better only if Monster introduced a whole new line to go with them.
Sugarbrie, I understand your excitement about the B&W line of speakers, they are very good products. I am considering them as a possibility for my surround sound system, but have not heard the version I am interested in. One of the members of my audio group uses the B&W 800 as his reference speakers, and has the 801's for his in home office.