FYI: Ivan Julian - Naked Flame

Ivan Julian is a pretty obscure, but semi-mythical figure from the punk days. He was an original member of Richard Hell & The Voidoids (favorite song titles include "The Kid With The Replaceable Head" and "Love Comes in Spurts") along with Robert Quine. The Voidoids "Blank Generation" was one of the earliest punk records that I can recall and Richard Hell was sometimes cited as the inspiration for The Sex Pistols.

Unlike Richard Hell, who could barely play his bass, both Julian and Quine could really play guitar. Julian also played with The Clash on "Sandinista" and Matthew Sweet on "Girlfriend". At one point in the late '80s, it seemed like he'd turn up at every alt rock show in NYC as a guest axe.

He's just released his first solo album, "The Naked Flame". For those interested in the fate of the punk pioneers from the old days, this one's worth checking out. Hard edged and noisy with lots of funk influence, but interesting evolution, as well.

Maybe 30 years late for a solo debut, but I'd say "better late...."