FYI if thinking about adding a Single Motor Flywheel to a VPI Prime

Just took possession of a SMFA  to add to my VPI  Prime and have these facts to share. First thing, the SMFA sits 7/8" higher than the motor/ housing that is supplied with the Prime so you will have to raise table or lower SMFA to have enough clearance to clear the platter, also you will need a shelf/maple platform at least 26" wide for the table to sit on, 24" is not enough. I am currently using a Symposium ISO platform on top of my maple shelf and love the results but am going to have to purchase a 26" one to make this all fit, with that said I am thinking of having it built with the section the motor assembly sits on cut out and a Symposium Svelte shelf built the size of the opening which will sit on the maple shelf satisfying the 7/8" difference needed. Now here is my delima , does anyone see an issue with the motor assembly sitting firmly on the Svelte shelf sitting firmly on the maple shelf driving the platter/ table sitting on the spring loaded ISO shelf. What say you?
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Rim Drive .....  I use  Cardas Blocks to elevate the motor assembly so that it properly meets my Classic platter.  (all positive additives to my original Superscoutmaster)
You have a couple of options:
1) Have a machine shop manufacture you a set of delrin pucks similar to your existing VPI delrin pucks but 7/8" taller. 
2) Replace the VPI delrin puck with a taller aftermarket puck like the Black Diamond Racing "thick" puck
3) Remove the existing SMF feet and use a low profile compliant footer (Herbie's Fat Dot)

In addition, make sure that your drive belt is on the lowest flywheel groove setting
If I understand your question, my belief is that the motor needs to sit on the same platform as the tt. 

The main reason is that any fluctuations in level or any resonances/vibrations that the tt sees, should also be seen the same way as it's motor since they are both still connected by a belt of some sort which will react to any of the off-leveling issues you will encounter otherwise.
@slaw , thanks for your response and yes you did get my question right. I could see a possible issue with the motor and table in two different planes especially since I am using the Symposium ISO platform which sits on 5 specially choose springs. You mention in another thread that you were going to order a Mark Baker belt but when I googled it, not much came up. Could you forward me into or a link to those belts? Thanks
Mark Baker is the owner/designer of Origin Live.

Google it.

I use his belt on my Townshend Rock 7, ..the difference was remarkable.
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@brf , thanks for your input and wanted to pass this by you. Since I am so satisfied with the level of performance I am getting from my Prime with stock feet/with Symposium inserts and sitting on the Symposium ISO shelf I did not want to upset what I have by using any type of spacers to raise the table, instead am thinking about gutting the SMFA and having a machine shop take the 7/8" of the bottom of the housing and retooling it to reattach the base/feet plate to satisfy the difference in height. What say you?
I use a SMFA with a VPI TNT.  I highly recommend any flywheel, physical or electric (as in SDS or equivalent).  Each such addition has made a discernible difference in the SQ.

That being said, and given that the Prime is currently VPI's biggest seller, and given the cost of a SMFA, I do not understand why VPI does not make a SMFA that will fit the Prime without the hassle tooblue is experiencing.  I have had my SMFA completely apart and I can see absolutely no reason why it cannot be sized to be a perfect match to the Prime.  IMO Prime owners should flood the VPI forum with this request.
@tooblue, other than cost, I see no problem with a machine shop removing some of the material off the bottom of the motor housing. 
@brf , thanks for your response, the cost factor actually isn't a factor at all as a friend is willing to do the work at his machine shop in his spare time.
@melm , your info is appreciated, I have stashed my unit away till I have decided how to approach this issue and the info of you disassembling yours was good to hear.
Ok FWIW I got everything in place to add the SMFA to my Prime, 28" X 20" Symposium ISO platform 28" X 20" X 3" maple shelf and needed new belts, cleaned and lubed bearings, the height differences was not an issue as I originally thought, the table set up easily, everything fell into place and after setting speed on 45 and 33 I set back for a listen. First thing is the motor was dead quiet on both speeds, a problem I had from day one with the Prime motor, it was so loud on 45 I quit buying 45rpm albums , not no more. The speed was perfect on my strobe and no signs of wavering it was smack on perfect. The principle of a flywheel always appealed to me as it just seems to make sense, all I can say is this could be the most significant upgrade I have ever done to my analog side of things, I could never look back. The only issue is I feel the need to help the motor get started by spinning the platter by turning my black Diamond Racing clamp as I start it. I just didn’t want someone to look at my original posting and get the idea that there would be an issue with a Prime matching up with these units, go for it.