FWIW... Neko Case fans vinyl

By chance, I purchased the clear vinyl version of "Middle Cyclone". At first play, it was immediately apparent that this version is sonically superior to the standard release. I'm no scholar on the subject, but if you're a die hard Neko fan, you owe it to yourself to seek out the clear vinyl version.

It's like the beginnings of digital verses analog argument. The clear vinyl is a huge leap forward towards a welcome analog ( silky smooth without compromising on dynamics) sound! The enjoyment that I received was such an improvement, that I had to post about it.
I have both versions also. While, I wouldn't quite go so far as to say it's "a huge leap forward", I do find the clear version to have less surface noise and IMHO, this leads to a greater sense of dynamics.

It's an excellent record and is better on clear vinyl.