Future of DVD-A

Does anyone have any views on the future of DVD-Audio? I've recently purchased an Arcam DV-79, which I use as a dvd player and cd transport for my Bel Canto II dac. It is also a DVD-A player and I am interested in using it for this purpose.

However, I don't really want to go down that path if I'm just going to end up buying a few dvd-a discs and then having the format disappear. I've seen a bit lately about the demise of sacd, but is dvd-a also a victim of that format war?
If you already have a player for DVDA, why not buy a few and see what you think? My sonicly best discs are DVDA. I think that DVDA offers more features than SACD, and the PCM format is more mainstream than DSD which gives it a better chance of survival than SACD.
IMO both sacd and dvd-a are dead. And I think dvd-a is deader, in terms of new releases.
I'm not going to comment on the health of DVD-A as a format, since this discussion is generally the same as the discussion of SACD, but I can offer some user comments.

I recently purchased a couple of DVD-A discs by Chris Botti and Donald Fagan. The sound is superb on both. Dynamic, detailed, spacious and real. I prefer the sound of DVD-A to SACD. The re-mastered "Nightfly" by Fagan is excellent.

However, DVD-A discs are not as user friendly as SACD for two channel listeners. For example, I do not have my Denon 3910 connected to a video monitor, so menu navigation is a pain. When I insert a DVD-A disc, the player defaults to multi-channel playback, and a couple menu steps are required to set the player to stereo playback. The Denon 3910 does not "remember" the last setting, so the same steps are required every time the DVD-A disc is played. It's not a huge process, but it's a step away from the user-friendliness of redbook CD or SACD.

So, DVD-A sounds excellent, but it's not as elegant to use as other digital formats.
I concur with Tvad, and will add that the unbypassable video-based navigation menus to select tracks on some discs are a major agravation.

On the other hand, the number of superior DVD-A's I have outnumber the superior SACD's. Many of the SACD's I've picked up or listened to have been crummy remasters that I would be ashamed to release, if I owned the record label.

I strongly disagree with Tarsando. The selection of new plastic in both formats at hip, independant music stores in my area is quite good. Best Buy and similar places demand that stock turns every 45 days or less, so keeping an extensive back catalogue inventory just isn't part of their game plan.
DVD-A and SACD are niche products for a niche market. If the manufactures of both hardware and software have not modeled their marketing as such, both are doomed.

DVD-A and SACD will never make the crossover to a mass market consumer staple, such as DVD did.
The consumer market has already voted on this issue, and I think it's clear that both SACD and DVD-A are dead as a commercial proposition. The equipment manufacturers and entertainment industry are now focusing on Blu-Ray and HD-DVD, but that "format issue" is far from settled.

In short, we will see less product, not more, coming out on both the SACD and DVD-A formats, so enjoy what's here now, or wait for "the next big thing"...
sdcampbell is right.
both dvd-a & sacd are doomed as will be any other new format that isnt as drastic a change as cd's were to tape & vinyl.

better sound/picture quality has nothing to do with it either,i dont see any of the new format's lasting very long,just ask a non audio inteligent friend what dvd-a,sacd & blu-ray are & you'll get the deer in the head light's look.
Just need to say that I am sick of these threads concerning the death of hi-rez formats. It doesn't matter what ones opinion is; ultimately the market place will prevail.

Bigjoe's second paragraph is absolutely correct. Quality means nothing to the mass market. It's all about convenience. If the next generation is high quality, it will be a matter of luck for anyone who cares about hi-fidelity.