Future of CD's - Hard drive based music

The big change/future I have found is the use of all digital music - I havent used my CD player since christmas - I got a Mac Mini and ripped all my CDs to the harddrive lossless formated and got a decent DAC - I Ripped only the songs I liked and I now have over 4 days worth of music I enjoy - no more getting up changing CD's,I can instantly play any song from my entire library of favorites. I use my Sony Hi-def TV as the monitor so I can web browse while listening to music. The sound quality is as good as CD's as far as I can tell - I wonder how long it will be before lossless songs are offered online - this will completely kill the need for CD's for me.
even today over 80% of all music sales are still the redbbook cd. of the digitally delivered portion, most is not an entire album, but bought by track. just consumer choices...nothing more. as a collector of cd's and vinyl, its as much about the 'touch' as the tune.....the things you collect reflect who you are.
I haven't used a cd player for more than a year and I can't imagine going back. The only downside is the time it takes to rip your cds. I burned about 700 discs and although it was worth the effort, i think i took a few years off my life from the aggravation.
Same here. I sold my very expensive cdp and invested that in Mcintosh mcd1000 dac. I use a modified Squeezebox 3 for all my songs ripped in FLAC using EAC. The sound quality is far better than my previous setup and have the entire library at my finger tips. Plus I can listen to radio all day long. Soon cdps will be things of the past.
On the download item, take a look at the thread from yesterday by Audioengr (Steve at Empirical Audio), about a site where you can download 24/96 material. The day is coming.
Plus I can listen to radio all day long. Soon cdps will be things of the past.

Yep, as long as you rip 'Red Book' CD's. But this is entirely different with SACD. And in my system/room and to my ears, SACD is superior.

What DAC did you purchase (specifically Thyman andKybaklan).


Rbischoff, i have a Benchmark dac1 with some empirical audio mods including the I2S mod. I have an Empirical Audio off ramp I2S between my computer and the Benchmark dac. I'm now mainly listening to headphones and have a bunch of different amps and cans and can say for certain that the music has all the depth and texture i expect from a first class system - nothing at all like you would think from a computer system. made a believer out of me.
Sorry guys, I'm not ready to trust any harddrive as my only musical source. Your harddrive will fail. Not if, when. Now there is the backup consideration. How often, how many. Storage solutions are not a mature technology. Remember the Jazz drive? If you only download music and you have a catastrophic equipment failure you will lose your entire music collection. I for one am not even close to only using downloads and harddrives as my musical source.
don't get me wrong, I love my ipod as the most convenient music-on-the-go source. I doubt i'll ever get rid of or stop buying cds though for several reasons: listening to them in the car, sound quality, and i like browsing for them at the store and discovering new music. Also, I agree with others that there is something to be said about holding the jacket in hand to see what the artist had in mind for the presentation of their music. Hard drive based music is just another alternative option for getting the music to my ear.
Jrun & Gibson58: Hard-drives are not new technology, and today they are inexpensive and getting more so -- they are also easy to configure for reliabity and security (RAID arrays and the like) . Computers are hardly new either (older than CD players I believe).

iPods can be used in car audio systems very easily and AUX jacks are becoming standard in cars.

No one is saying you have to sell your CD's. I can understand the discomfort, it is more an issue of comfort and how you like to interact with your music. Since I made the change I have listened to more parts my collection than ever, and been buying more music, worrying less about the gear.
Jaybo, To add to what you said--Many times those who just download one song from a CD miss some real jems. I recently bought a CD (the actual physical disc) because one song grabbed me. Then I discovered another song on the CD that I liked even more after hearing it on my system and I have grown fond of the entire disc.

I copied the disc to my music server and safely stored the disc because I plan to live for a long time and expect to need it again.
Thymanst-Agreed. I bought a good DAC because I wanted to get into PC-based audio. I also got a CD/SACD transport, because we still can't rip SACDs. If Sony ever allows DSD to be ripped to hard drive, I will probably ditch the transport. (EmmLabs CDSD transport and DCC2 DAC).

Jrun-There is ~100% chance a drive will fail. One solution is to backup music or the entire system to an external hard drive and just put the hard drive away in case you need it. So, if the computer fails, you can plug in the external drive and restore the system, including music (Acronis TruImage lets you do this with USB drives.) Another more expensive solution is to use a RAID-5 array--when one of the drives fails, it is rebuilt from the other drives.
Gibson58 I agree with you about the graphics the arstist intended for his music, but in the computer you can download a file or go the the artist web page and see a whole graphic presentation.

I think in the near future, music will be downloaded from the groups own website, we will listen to internet radio and from there link to the groups site, independent internet radio stations will pop up from the most wierd music to the most "gourmet" music, we will exchange links to radio stations and from there link to the arstist own site, maybe even chat a little with them....
Bye bye record labels!!!
Artists can actually play in digital and record everything. We will be able to download jam sessions and new releases...unplugged versions uploaded this afternoon!!!

That being said I like the quality of my transport better than computer based still.