Future of audio. Additional uses.

Thought this might be an interesting thread. Lots of well educated and read people on the 'Gon

I was talking to an engineer not that long ago, new sound production device that is currently in the draft stages, (he is one of the project engineers) probably wont become commercially available for quite a long time as it uses some relativly unique devices that prototypes have not even been made.

"Spot" sound

The theory behind this basically uses nanotechnology with lasers. The nano part comes with two "generators" that cross lines of sight. At this Junction, they two would be able to produce and place specific "Exciters"
Nex, a laser, placed at any location but aimed at the "Junction" of the two generators would be able through varying degrees of intensity be able to "Excite" that specific location.

Basically, all in all, this would be creating a "Speaker" in air. This speaker would have no magnets, no cones, no electricity per say. The actual sound would be pulses from a pinpoint location. Various groups have focused interest on this technology including the military and law enforcement.
They are probably expecting to be able to use this as a "Sonic Disrupter" of some sort to exert energy and vibrations in locations impossible to reach, in walls, tanks, humans, etc. (There is currently another working prototpye of sonic disrupter being developed for riot control. It consists of a large metal tube, with a Sparkplug in the rear of it which sparks the gas and creates sonic vibrations way below the human hearing limit, when aimed at people it causes severe nausia and disorientation)

Regardless, there is also interest in this for entertainment purposes. To basically recreate the sound without the use of hardware to actually create the sound.

Wierd Eh?

Anybody else hear of any strange new technologys? Forcasts on new creations that suyrpass the simple "Lets put more speakers in it" that drives the major consumer AV movement?

Another thing i read about on yahoo, actually, was a new type of screen that has been made. I cant remember the specifics, but im sure if you search enough you will find it.
in the 70's a plastic was made that when charged turned green. 33 years later, aafter alot of development, they have working prototypes of this plastic that show high def broadcasts, due to advances in the material and weaving patterns. Its about as thick as a projector screen, and it can be rolled, folded, and stowed. Again the military is very interested in this product as a tactical battlefield display that can be attached to some sort of arm band and pulled out, used, and retracted. It even responds to touch and can be used as a touch display.
The biggest problem they have had with this is it corrodes in oxygen at a good pace. That is a stumbling block they they feel they have licked by adding a coating of special material that wont reduce the visibility or flexibility of the screen. They plan (according to the artical i read) to introduce these in the commercial market in the latter half of 2005. I believe philips is a big sponsor of this technology and has invested alot of money in the company making it. (i think its phillips, it was months ago i read it)
These screen are expected to be introduced at approximatly the price of a regular CRT HDTV. This stuff is a lot cheaper to produce than LCD and Plasma screens. By 2008 they expect these to be the majority of screens sold (as it is so inexpencive to make), for commercial and governmental use.

Any other new technologys out there people have heard about?
Thoughts comments?

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I heard that 'they' were taking some flat plastic discs, cutting some grooves in it and when the right object is run through the grooves, sound is reproduced. I don't get it or see how it will work! At any rate, nobody would be interested.