Fussy placement?

Hello all, I'm about to embark on the task of placement on a pair of Epos ELS-3 speakers. They will be on 24" stands filled with sand. My room is small(apartment) and I want to start at about a foot from the wall and have not decided to toe them in or shoot straight from the hip. Any advise from someone who may have these speakers or any advise in general will be most welcome. I listen to mostly old school jazz but I vary to all forms of music. Thanks in advance and good listening.
i assume they are similar to other epos(11) and celestion(6)monitors i have had in years gone by. the general rule would be to start with the speakers firing straight out into the room (at least 2 ft from each side), if you get a good 'deep' image you are home free. compare with each speaker slightly toed-in toward your seating to compare. too much angle might reduce the width of the soundstage. the speakers should never be an equal distance from the back AND the side walls. starting about a foot away from the back should be ok.
Jaybo, Thanks for the advise. I do generally fire my speakers straight out. I onced owned a pair of Infinity primus 150s that are about the same size and they were listened to straight out but the ports were on the front baffle. A foot away sounds right for starters. Thanks again