Fusion CD-64 CDP

I may be a vinyl addict but I spent over 6 hours on two days at Classic Hi-Fi in Edmonton listening to this tube-based CDp from Tube Technology and was stone-cold blown away. I'm damn close to re-thinking my position on vinyl - Well, OK, not that seriously but it's close!
I've owned an "AH!Tjoeb" for over 2 years so it's not like the Fusion was the first "tube" CD player I've ever heard but it certainly is far and away better than anything I've heard to date.
Was wondering if I could troll some here and see if anyone else has taken a run at listening to the Fusion?
I do have some digital pictures I took on Saturday if anyone would like to get a look - not great pictures but they'll do.
Remarkably musical product. I threw everything in my test repertoire at it and it was sooooo very good!


ps - I need to think Kit and George at Classic HiFi for letting me monopolize their primary listening room for both days and I must compliment the local TT distributor for quietly letting the Fusion sell itself. I think he knows enough to know a really good product when he hears one so he doesn't need to sell any of us.
Sorry can't help you out, but how much does this unit sell for?
HDM - it apparently retails for $4K cdn or $2500 US. Thats all I know about it at this point...
That's about the same thing I got from the rep - 4K cdn MSRP. But then I wasn't doing too much listening to prices - more listening to some music for a change!