Fusion Audio Romance Series

Has anyone bought or tried Eric's new Romance series? I bought his Romance 1's and highly recommend them. Best cables I have owned so far. I have to say Eric was right when he said the interconnects were like inserting a 300B in your system. I also have his Impulse powercord and it is giving me very good results.
Amen and yes to the Romance line from Eric.

Great wire with wonderful warm and rich sound.
No one else using them? You should give Eric a call and audition.
I've had them in my system for 2 weeks.They are freakin' unreal. I removed a set of Nirvana SX , which were not to bad really and comparible in pricing.
The Romance Series cable has no flaws that I can detect.
So where was all the overtones,stage ambiance,deepest bass?
As great as my system sounded before it is truly outstanding now.
As for other Eric Love cables. I've total of 5 power cords, 2 Predators on amps(Wyred4sound),1 Impulse on Digital Xover(Behringer Upgraded),1 Enchanter on CDplayer pre amp (Audio Aero Prestige), 1 enchanter on second CDP.
My system was first powered up by The Impulse and Enchanter about 2 1/2-3 years ago.Every additional cable made huge changes in everything from stage presence and,especially tonality,comprehension and coherency. I used to change cables regularly about every 3 months or so like some thing not right with them.They were not cheap cables.
There are many companies to try. I think these should be on your list even though they are not "brand" name so to speak.
Peter d
Great to hear from another owner. I have 2 sets of his Romance IC's and they are an absolute joy to listen to.

So full of body and detail with all the air and warmth.I once thought it impossible to find all this in one cable.

Plus Eric is great to work with. Great service.
I've had Erics Romance ic's between my dac and pre for 2 months now and am extremely happy with them. They have added the magic to my system that I have been looking for. Everything is now more palpable like I can reach out and touch it. I use Eric's power cables the Enchanter and Impulse which I tried after reading all the great reviews on audiogon. Eric really worked with me to dial in my system. When he recommended his new IC the Romance I agreed to a home trial and haven't looked back.
Not only are his cables top notch but his passion and willingness to help you achieve the sound your looking for are second to none. Highly recommended.
I forgot to mention I also have an Enchanter power cord on my preamp and an Impulse cord on my CD player. Great together.

Yes, Eric is a joy to deal with and has a real passion to please and for audio. Others need to know about him and his awesome wire.
For anyone still interested in Fusion audio power cords, Eric came up with newer version of power cord called Magic. Its solid core silver based, with furutech premium (FI-25m or FI-28m) gold or rhodium connectors (others also on demand).
I think this is overall his best power cord so far and I had them all. AFter short audition, I bought 2 of them. Contact Eric for a demo. You will not regret it.