Fusion Audio new Magic power cables

For anyone interested in great power cords or looking for to upgrade their Fusion power cords I have some news to share. Eric Love (owner of Fusion cables) came up with newer version of his power cords called Magic.

It’s based on a solid core highly annealed silver, with furutech premium (FI-25m or FI-28m) gold or rhodium AC/IEC connectors (other brands also available on request).

I think this is overall his best power cords so far and I had/tried them all. After auditioning, I bought 2 of them. Contact Eric for a demo/audition. You will not regret it.

I'm not affiliated with Fusion audio, just satisfied customer and also respect how Eric does his business.
Now days you not get this customer service and honest advise very often.
Thanks for the mini-review Greg. Eric is a good guy to deal with. Have you heard his Enchanter cords? If so, how do the Magic compare to the Enchanters?
John, I did not do a direct A/B audition with Fusion Enchanter but based on my notes and memory, the new magic power cords sound more refined with more organic feel and most important are more dynamic. Also if enchanter is suited more for power amps and conditioners, the Magic has been equally good on everything I tried it with. I think Eric has demos available, so feel free to contact him.
How does the Magic compare to the CH X-20?
Lak, good question, but I can’t compare them directly in my system since my ch x-20 utilizes 20 amp IEC (I use it on my jaco running springs pc) and both fusion magic are 15 amp IEC (on cdp and integrated).So for now I'll stay away from any comments regarding compare of these two.

I am going to ask Eric if he can provide with demo that has 20 amp IEC. But keep in mind that fusion magic is at least 2 times cheaper than CH X-20.

But before fusion magic I had HZ crown jewel, Kubala emotion, shunyata anaconda cx and some others and fusion magic has bested them all as being most natural sounding cord with very black backgrounds, excellent dynamics and details.
Thanks for the response.
@denon1 curious to know if you’re still using the Fudion Audio Magic poet cord? I’m shopping for a power cord and Fusion Audio pops on my radar screen. 
I have a pair of Magic PC feeding to my CJ monoblock. They are very good comparing with other cables. They beat the Audience Au24 which are more pricey and only concede to the very expensive Nordost Odin.
Just broke in some Fusion Enchanters on some Audiopax Amps. I would say the timbre of the music is certainly more accurate. To me that's the quality that equals real resolution. So hard to get right.
Very musical with awesome bass. Never thought a PC could have such an effect. Also never had an interconnect make this much difference.
I prefer not to compare the other PCs but had some well known ones and while they were good, overall no comparison.
Anyone looking to get bass out of tube amps might want to call Eric.