Fusion Audio cable?

I just picked up a pair of Fusion Audio Romance "Ella" speaker cables.  To say I'm impressed would be an understatement.  Now, I am curious about the interconnect and power cable from Fusion Audio.  Does anyone have experience with these cables that they would like to share here??? I noticed there is not too much info online about these cables and would love to hear others impressions. 

I enjoyed the Ella speaker cable so much, I bought a used pair of Romance II interconnects to use coming out of my Lampizator DAC.  They will arrive next week.  I'm also curious about Magic ics, Romance I ics...or are the Romance II the ones to own? 

Prior to the Ella speaker cable, I had been using AZ Satori Shotgun speaker cable which are excellent IMO and certainly overachievers in their price range.  BUT, the amount of texture, tonality, resolution, and bass definition made available by the Ellas in comparison is incredible to me, AND they can do it all without a hint of edginess or top end glare(unlike other high resolution cables I've used in the past).  I know I can contact Eric Love at Fusion, but I'd love to hear other users experiences with Fusion Audio cable?  BTW, I have no affiliation, thanks! 
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How's it going Waxwaves!   I spent about a month with a Fusion Romance PC that a buddy loaned me.  I would describe it being on the warm and musical side - a good thing.  Very nice bass would be it's strong suit but it was nice and balanced on the mid's and top end also. That impressed me the most since a lot of PC's I have tried do not please across the entire spectrum.   It is a beast but is very flexible.  I used it on my dehavilland ultra verve III preamp.  I will probably consider one in the future but have been happy with Wywires Juice II for a while now.  Hope that helps.

Hello Jerry!  Good to hear from you.  Glad you are well my friend.  You could not be more right about the many expensive power cables out there that have a hard time pleasing across the entire frequency range.

The sonics you are describing from the Fusion Romance power cable is exactly the way I like it brother, and very similar to what I'm experiencing here with the Ella speaker cable.  It is a special thing to have this kind of resolution, tone, texture, full bodied harmonic richness and WITHOUT sacrificing the frequency extremes or showing off some top end glare.  The Elllas were another standout product for me here and can't wait to try the Romance II interconnect this coming week.  

A lot has changed with my system since we last had a chat, I've gone modern McIntosh integrated, and I am also using some of the the WyWires cable now.  There's a Juice II Gold power cable with Bybee Quantum purifier on my Lampizator Big 6 as I type, and I'm also hearing sweet goodness from the WyWires Platinum USB.  That power cable has imparted big time FOCUS.  I think it's a WyWires thing?!  The soundstage is large and in charge, very lifelike, and has a sense of what I like to call "attack" but it only has failed to please me as far as top end refinement is concerned...it can be a little edgy here on certain favorites.  The WyWires cables are very lively and organic, but as you know...I'm always in search of more lol.  I thought I might try a Fusion Audio power cable and ics on the Lampizator and see if I noted further improvement?  Thank you for the input pops!

OP, I don’t mean to derail your thread on Fusion Audio. Just adding an observation. Coincidentally, I also have a WyWires Gold PC on my DAC and a WyWires Gold USB on my digital streamer - as well as other WyWires IC’s and PC’s mixed in. Agreed, they’re very lively and organic. When first installed, my top end was also a bit edgy - not with all recordings - but, enough to be concerned. With some investigation, I discovered that another brand cable was causing the issue. It turns out that the WyWires revealed other weakness upstream. It’s been an education. Obviously, YMMV.
Hey steakster, you're not derailing here, you're contributing.  I can certainly understand and relate to what you are saying.  I have experienced this cable we speak of performing in a similar manner in a different system.  One difference between mine and yours may be the use of the Bybee purifier, is your cable equipped with this?  It does takes these cables time to settle in to the system and I always try to take that into serious consideration.  There is also a chance that my PAD Venustas is not playing well with the Gold PC, or the TARA Labs the One power cable is mucking things up.  TARA Labs the One is very vivid and alive as well.  This is another reason to try Fusion Romance series in this system and hey...possibly another WyWires Gold or Platinum?  At this point, I'm wide open in mind and with system.  It is only my wallet that will not open wide enough!
thanks for the input steakster!

Waxwaves I must correct myself. I used the fusion audio enchanter PC not one called romance.  It definitely sounds like it would be a nice fit in your rig based on your description.  Big, bold, and dynamic.  I got the impression a full loom of these might be too much but one worked nicely.   Which brings me to my weakness. "If one sounds this good two must be even better!"

Best of luck with your search bro.    

I know what you mean when it comes to having too much of a good thing pops.  One reason I plan to keep Venustas in the mix as it seems to me to be an extremely good conveyor of and a solid foundation for the MUSIC.  This cable works well with McIntosh equipment and seems to prefer the spot between preamp and amps in my experience with systems past.  I will remove the Jena Labs preamp jumper on my MA7000 integrated and put the Venustas in place there.  The Romance II, which will arrive today will go from Lampizator to MA7000 and then out to the Fusion Audio Romance "Ella" speaker cable.  I will tell you what I think after a few days of listening.  If this shows good results, I plan to go on to audition the Enchanter power cable.  Hopefully it will not be too much Romance.  Thanks again for sharing your experience Jerry!
Hey Wax - I agree with you about the Venustas.  I have also used it between my dehavilland pre and Mac's and it is a great fit.  Mine is 5 meters and I have just moved my system from the side wall to between the speaks.  I am using Wywires silver currently so the PAD is on the bench.  Having my components closer together allows me to experiment with different cables and I have several laying around.

I will be curious when you spend some time with your new Fusion IC.  Good listening!

Pops, can you post your impressions of WyWires Silver interconnects in comparison to Venustas please?  I've used the WyWires Silver USB and now using the Platinum USB, so I have a good idea what I think the WyWires sonic signature is.  I'm curious if the interconnects might be the same.  Any other input would also be welcome folks.
 Btw, the Fusion Romance II ics did not show yesterday, hoping they arrivez today.
Sure, the Wywires are ever so slightly smoother on the top end, not rolled off just more pleasing especially on cymbals for example.  I would call it more refined.  Maybe copper versus a mixed alloy?  They are also a little warmer than Venustas in the upper bass and lower midrange region that is more enjoyable, in my system at least.  I would call both musical cables, but more refinement with the WW.  The Wywires  IC's I have were Alex's first endeavor when he offered only 1 model.  He actually designed the first pair for my Thiel 3.6's which are reputed by some to have a hot tweeter, I own 2 models and have used Thiels for 20 years so I disagree.  They are just ultra transparent and must be matched upstream with components that have a tonality you want the Thiels to reveal.

I did have a pair of Eggleston Andra II's for a while (kept both Thiels) so I talked to Alex about another pair, he designed those with a little more air than the first pair due to the slightly dark character of the Eggy's.  With both pair in the path I found them too warm with the Eggy's, the Venustas was better in this case.   I ended up selling the Eggy's, they were just way too different than the Thiels, could never really get them to open up, with either Mcintosh or Classe amps.

Waxwaves as you and I both know cables are so system dependent.  I have a very revealing analog front end and utter transparancy on the back end and the Wywires are in the musical camp,  a great fit.  I also use his first PC, the Juice, on both amps and my preamp.  They offer the same refinement as the IC's and a lower noise floor.  No frequency is over emphasized which happens with so many other PC's.  

I have had success with other cables but right now the Wywires are doing the trick.  I have never tried his speaker cables.  I keep a lot of cables I buy and the Venustas will always either be in they system or on the bench.  I have not tried any of Alex's other models.

good to read that you are a Thiel fan. This is the only speaker for me, as well. Very transparent, not to be confused with, bright. Choosing the "right" cabling is key. This thread is excellent. I am a cable-guy, first  and foremost.

Happy Listening!
Jafant, the first time I heard the 3.6 some 20+ years ago I became a Thiel fanboy!  I am a cable junkie too - have tried dozens!

Thank you pops!  I really enjoy the WyWires Platinum USB cable, and it is exhibiting a good sense of refinement as well.  The sonics are pretty much as you described earlier.  They have nice control over the bottom end as well, and bass definition in spades.  I am gonna have to try the Silver ics based on your description.  A short pair of the Silver ics may be an optimal preamp jumper for the MA7000 in place of the Venustas.  It is the Venustas' authority in the lower registers that keeps me coming back. How do the WW Silver ics handle the deep bass?  IMO Venustas is a solid performer and works well with the Lampizator Big 6 which is very much refined in its presentation of music, but more refinement may be even more pleasing!. 

Lastly Pops, is it difficult to use different high end speaker cabling on the Thiel 3.6?  I noticed the binding posts are located on the bottom of the speaker cabinets.  How much room do you have between the base of the cabinets and the floor?  I may have to try a pair of Thiel one day, but it doesn't look like the Fusion Ellas would work with the 3.6.....maybe?
Waxwaves, the fact that the binding posts are on the bottom is a major PITA.  You basically have to lay the speaker down to connect cables.  I just measured the opening in the back, it is 1 3/4 inches high from the base and 2 1/4 inches wide.  If you spike them then that would add another 1/2 inch or so depending on the height of the spikes.  The CS 6 is also on the bottom but the posts are closer to the end of the opening on the speaker so you can reach by tilting them forward to connect cables.  It is still a hassle to do so.  They did this strictly for aesthetic reasons for a cleaner look.  Jim probably consulted with someone with too much education before making that decision!  LOL…

I have used some pretty thick cables, Tara Labs The One which were separate runs but thick, some MIT and PAD Proteus Provectus which is also separate runs but very thick.  Others as well - never had an issue other than having to bend over, scrunch your neck, and crawl around the floor.  Good thing I am in peak physical condition……not.

The deep bass is satisfying or I would notice it since I listen to mostly classic rock and blues.  I am not a bass hound but need detailed textured bass and I am getting that with WW in the system.  I will listen some more and report back because I am using some speaker cables, Audiolab Diablos that I am not totally familiar with.

I believe I am right when I say I have silver, it was the only one he offered and it retailed in the 1,100 dollar range - that was about 5 years ago.  Now I think it is his middle cable in the line.  I could be wrong.  Alex is great to work with

I agree with OP. I had the Fusion Ella speaker cables for several years in my system and they were very good. Recently I auditioned and bought the latest Purist Neptune speaker cables and they are a little more refined than Ella. Something about Neptune that makes music just so enjoyable to listen. As for power cables form fusion line, I strongly recommend the latest Magic power cables. To my ears they are better than romance series.
@denon1 I understand what you mean when you say that the Purist cable makes music so enjoyable to listen to.  There is something going on there that I can't always put into words.  The best way to describe it is that there is a solidity to the music, a robustness and a confidence that is natural, not mechanical or digital sounding but analog and lifelike.  The Romance II ic seems slightly fragile compared to Venustas.   I was able to hear some lesser bitrate digital files showing digital glare whereas with the Venustas in place these files playing thru the Lampizator were very analog, organic, full-bodied and simply more natural in their presentation.  The Romance exhibits magical midrange presence yes, has all the audiophile bells and whistles yes, but somewhere down deep is missing the heart and soul of the music here in my system.  The Venustas has a more confident solid flow, exhibiting the heart and soul of the music and is slowly but surely making a hard case for being my all-time favorite interconnect.  Hopefully, I have not jumped the gun by making this statement too soon, as the Romance II interconnects were installed in the system yesterday at 1pm.  There is a chance they need more time to do their thing.  For others reading this, I will say with great certainty that the combination of Venustas interconnects and Ella speaker cable is fantastic in my system, as always...YMMV

@pops first, thanks for the Theil info!  I'm gonna assume you prefer the CS 6 over the 3.6?  I think either would be good performers here and I am also looking at older Sonus Faber designs.  Do you have any experience with SF and the MC501s pops?  Cremona or Grand Piano Home?

I also NEED well defined, textural, deep bass response and am glad you are getting that with the WW cable.  As far as the refinement we discussed regarding Venustas and WW.  The jury is still out, I must try the WyWires Silver and Platinum ic in comparison to Venustas.  At this point in my audio career, Venustas is the champ in most all areas that are important to me, with my equipment and in my room.  I know you have the Rives Audio room there pops and would like to discuss with you some more about what Rives has done for your listening experience.  I also feel like your system and room is a great medium for discerning qualities of audio cables.  Your opinions mean alot to me, so thank you for being a part of this thread.
Thanks Waxwaves for the incredible complement!  Not sure how good my ears are but I have been at this most of my life!  I really like both Thiel speakers and would say if I had to pick one to live with forever it would be the 3.6.  I think Robert Harley said it best in his review that these speakers offer a complete and utter transparent view like looking through a window - I compare the see through experience like a sliding glass door that is so clear you could mistakenly walk into it.  Now, as has be said many times they must be fed/matched properly upstream to get the output you desire since they deliver what is put in.  The 3.6 is slightly more transparent and the CS6 is slightly more dynamic, both have similar great tone and timbre.  Right now I am listening to the 3.6.

I do not have any real experience with SF other than limited dealer exposure some 20 years ago and it was remarkable.  If memory serves me it was the Guarnari (spelling), a 10K monitor with Rel subs in a huge room, not sure the electronics and it was incredible and out of my price range!  But it helped fuel my audio nervosa bug.

The Rives build out was the best investment I have ever made in my audiophile experience.  I was lucky to have a great space that was partially finished and a serious man cave or as my wife put it "pit."  PM me anytime and I will be happy to provide some details.

Waxwaves, agree on Purist. Fusion Ella also a very good speaker cables, especially if bought with a good discount. 

For ICs, the Romance 2 may be a good choice but in my system they exhibited some digital glare and were on a warm side of sound .  

I had Venustas ICs and speaker cables latest Luminist edition in my system (SF Guarneri EVO driven by pass INT-250 amplification) and Neptune (especially its midrange, texture and soundstage) is in a different league.  I am done looking for speaker cables.

If possible try to audition Neptune ICs and SCs in your system.

YW pops, I think your ears are doing fine ol' buddy.  We will talk Rives Room soon sir.  I have noticed three pair of CS 3.6 on the net with asking prices of under $1500!  Is this normal?  Tho not all are in the greatest of conditions, they are still temping me.  I imagine them to sound very nice with 250 McWatts.  The gentleman in Alabama may get a visit from me soon.  I have a fabulous cabinet guy at my disposal who could have them looking dandy in a week or so.  There is an extremely nice looking pair of CS 3.6 on eBay now for $3800, but the seller Don doesn't seem like he wants to budge.  Personally, I think he's dreaming and will have to come down in price considerably.  Any info regarding valuation would be helpful.

@denon1 I am experienced with Proteus Provectus(fluid), Dominus, Venustas, and Musaeus(all ferox).  Do you know if the Neptune fluid filled cable is similar in sonics to the Proteus?  Yes sir, I am eager to try the Neptune as I have heard many good things.  As a matter of personal preference, I chose Venustas over the Proteus Provectus interconnect. 

Denon1, I would love to spend time with your awesome speakers!  Congrats on this feat.  I have my eye on a nice pair of Grand Piano Home, any thoughts on these sweet speakers?  Anyone?  I want and NEED an introduction into Sonus Faber at under $3000.  I'm turned off by what many here have said regarding the newer models and am thinking of going back a few years if you know what I mean...

I jumped the gun with comments made regarding the Romance II ics prior to burn in.  They have the solidity now that was not present initially.  I'm not experiencing glare anymore and the lifelike midrange presentation is here.  Killer, killer bass that is extremely well defined, and top end so smooth, extended, and refined.  They have been impressive all weekend coming from the Lampizator, with Venustas between pre and amp sections, the Ella speaker cable, and Venustas speaker jumpers.  These two brands of cable compliment each other very well in my system and performance increase is evident.  I'm very pleased!  

I will turn my attention to the music,  holiday gifts, and holiday cheer with friends and family for awhile!!   Hey I am still catching up on some of the good music from great artists recently passed.  We have lost some greats this past year.

"Holiday Gifts"

you have my address right Waxwaves?  I'll send a list!!!!

happy holidays!

No pops, you never gave me the address of your secret underground bunker... I'm gonna assume it is still fully stocked with high end audio equipment, beautiful ladies, beer, and very old bourbon. 

Happy Holidays!!