Fuses - Why do same size fuses sound different?

Because of recent reviews on fuses and some manufacturers using some fuses to voice their products, I am embarking on a fact finding mission of why some sound better than others.
Most electronic fuses have nickel plated brass caps with glass or ceramic tubes but vary in sound despite that. I have not been able to find any info on the construction of the elements themselves, is this where the variability in sound stem from?
So far I have compared a set of Cooper-Bussman Ceramic, Radioshack Ceramic, and Littlefuse Glass 10 Amp fuses on my amp. They all sound very different, the Radioshack is by far the worst of the group, its imaging is diffuse, timbres sound off, and it lacked tranparency and extension relative to the others. The Littlefuse have better focus than the Radioshacks, timbres are more accurate and it was more transparent, however, it was extremely bright and etched up top. The Bussmans sounded very good compared to the others, everything fell in place with this fuse, it had very focused images with added weight and detail, timbres were true, and it was the most transparent and relaxed of the group. It had very good dimensionality and musicality, but only when oriented in one direction only.
The moral of this story is that I hope all manufacturers spend the time researching fuses when they use them in their products, otherwise we have to start "fuse rolling" to get the best sound. The good thing about fuses is that they don't cost much.
Vibration......I hope you leaned a valuable lesson as well.Follow your signal throughtout the whole and see that everything affects everything ....not just your fuses.

Remove the fuse all together and solder a 22 gauge in the loop.Get ready to freak ....

You have good ears.....
Where do you buy the Bussman fuses?
You can get them at Macmaster-Carr or Mouser Electronics.
Thanks C5150, the differences were easily heard.
check out the Isoclean fuses, reviewed in six moons. I use them all over. They are great
$25 fuses. LOL. PT Barnum was right.
Easy for you to hear because it was obvious or normal.You are assuming that everbody has that as a "given".I'm afraid not my friend.People are people and they have there differences.....You know when you mingle with them in real life.Weird ....some of us are ????Well our hearing is not equal,just as our sight is not ,just as our realities are not.Our ability to confront life plays a major role ,on who we are and how we interpret life,and for that matter sound.
I use the IsoClean fuses too, except in my pre-amp. It comes with a 1/2 Amp fuse in it, and the smallest IsoClean is 1 Amp. I called the designer of the pre-amp, Keith Herron, and he asked me not to use it, that the posiibility of the additional 1/2 Amp getting through is dangerous.

For some reason, the IsoClean 1 Amp fuse doesn't sound as good either, trying it in both directions. In the other pieces though, they make a huge difference for the better.
Stan's cynical post notwithstanding, allow your ears to be the judge, not what you read here.
If my post is cynical then yours is disingenuous. After spending $25 you probably hear what you want to hear. Send me your fuses and I'll give them a listen; however no way will I dish out my money. Simply because you were conned into this purchase doesn't mean we will all drink the Kool Aid. I was born at night but not last night.
see what I mean....people are not just people....Thanks guys for proving my point...LOL
The most intriguing part of this fuse comparison is why they sound different, I don't know much about fuse design, but I don't think its because of the endcaps. That leaves the tubes and filaments, I will endeavor to procure some Bussman glass fuses to compare to the ceramic types; I cannot find any info on the filaments i.e what type material and possibly size tolerances. I believe something must be causing this variation in sound eventhough they are identical mechanically. Any ideas?
Well power cables make a difference. I didn't beleve till I tries and it was a big difference. I could see how fuses could have a similar effect since the poser goes throught ht efuse before reaching the electronics.

If you can't hear the difference than that is not a week point in your system. It all depends on your ear and the level of your system. I doubt I would hear a difference on my Denon receiver but in my astecics pre amp I may.
Ever put your cd player on rubber feet,metal spikes,wood blocks???Ever put weight on the top cover to tweak the sound.Well all you are doing is changing the vibration.Now when a signal and electrical energy try to vibrate through glass or ceramic....do you think it will affect the sound .How thick is the glass,how soft it the ceramic????How tight is the fuse holder,how much solder is is there?what type of solder.Are the wires in your player tied dowm tight with plastic twist ties ?Are the screws in your players chassis tight or very tight.or just holding up the whole.Vibration .....is the key
no, Stan, you need to buy your own, but since you are so much smarter than all of us, I know you won't; isoclean fuses are obviously a scam for lemmings like me. It must be equally amusing and frustrating knowing so much more than everyone else (even regarding a product you've never even tried). I am sure you have saved many from getting taken for $25 - well done.

For anyone who is still interested (cover your eyes Stan, esp. since I am sure you dont 'beleive in' press reviews either), you can read a review of this fuse here:

I just recently bought IsoClean fuses for my Maggie 1.6 speakers. Not being critical of any individuals tastes out there, but I believe that "Tweaks" and "Mods" are very system dependant. They may work great in one combination of stereo components, and horribly in another set up. Let's just say, that many of the tweaks I have tried in my current setup have taken the sound to a sterile, lack of emotion, neutral state. Call me "colored" but I need emotion and a sense of presence in my music. Evidently for my tastes, my gear must be about the right mix and balance with out too much more in terms of addition tweaks and extensive mods, although I do have several in place.

My current tweaks have improved the sound, transparency etc without lossing any of the emotion, making vocals and the "sense of presence and being there" even greater.

In summary, I prefer the Bussman fuses that come with the Maggies to the IsoClean by a large margin. In fact, I am going to list the IsoCleans for sale here today.

Red2. I agree that every tweak is very system and ear dependent, and that you much preferred the stock fuse to the isoclean would not suprise me at all. The key in my mind is that you were willing to try it, did hear a difference, only in this case it turned out to be a 'worse' difference. Enjoy
Stan, it's interesting that since you started posting in June of this year, most of your 60 posts have been basically negative one liners. What's your problem?

If you're new to the field, why don't you acknowledge to yourself that you're just starting out and listen to what experienced people, usually with substantial systems, are saying about what they've learned along the way?

If this isn't a serious hobby (or addiction) for you, why even meddle where you have no knowledge and your negative remarks aren't needed or wanted?

If you're happy with your system, if you have a system, why don't you go sit down in front of it and enjoy it? If you do have a system, why don't you put it out on Audiogon so that everyone can see where you're at on the ladder? Like the Greyhound commercial, you just sit back and leave the driving to us, the ones who are actually interested in improving their systems.
Red, I have not noted who made the supplied fuses in my equipment, but I have greater and lesser improvements depending on the equipment in substituting the IsoCleans. I have yet to have them sound worse. I suppose you did heed the directional arrow on the IsoCleans.

I still seek a silver fuse in which the fuse element is silver as well as the end caps. I think there are such animals from Germany, but I have yet to lay hands on them.
Artg, are you willing to undertake comparing Bussman fuses to your Iso Cleans and sharing your impressions. I think it is important to establish tube, oops, I mean fuse signatures if there is such a thing so everybody can optimize their systems to their liking. To me, the implications are staggering when different fuses have such an effect.
A potential problem with the Iso Clean reviews is that their reported performance advantages maybe based on comparisons to some of the worst sounding fuses out there.
I just talked to Steve at the Cable Company and he said it will be any day now before he lays his hands on the silver fuses from Germany. He said he will demo them and get back with me on their performance. Comparing them to the Isoclean he said the silver are a much higher quality. We will see, or hear in this case, if the higher quality fuses improves the sound.
Tbg, yes I did try the IsoClean fuses in both directions. There was a clear sonic difference in changing the orientation of the fuse. But neither orientation satisfied me.

Much of my system is solid state combined with a passive preamp which gives me lots of transparency. My source components all have tubes in them though. So this mixture of gear, with the Magnaplaner speakers is about the right degree of "warmth" to the music. Many of the tweaks I have tried tend to change the sound to a more sterile, neutral sound. Not bright. Almost too "white, clean" sounding, lossing the warmth to voices etc. I really think it may just be my system. But I am very happy! This is the most musical system and best natural sounding one I have ever owned. The bass traps behind my Maggie planers and the acoustical treatment in the room in general really just tightened up the bass, increased the width and height of the soundstage, everything. Very intimate, and sounding like one would hear at a LIVE venue such as a local piano bar or night club. More up front than really laid back and recessed sounding but warm and very transparent for the $15k or so that I have invested in this system.

Happy Listening

Seems like it's time to debate double blind testing again . . . . .
Jeff, go to audioasylum, it is endless there and all to no avail.
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I would be very interested to hear Steve's comments on the silver fuses after he auditions them. If you would post his impressions I would appreciate it.