Fuses that matter.

I have tried six different fuses, including some that were claimed to not be directional. I have long used the IsoClean fuses as the best I have heard. No longer! I just got two 10 amp slow-blows WiFi Tuning Supreme fuses that really cost too much but do make a major difference in my sound. I still don't understand how a fuse or its direction can alter sound reproduction for the better, but they do and the Supreme is indeed! I hear more detail in the recordings giving me a more holographic image. I also hear more of the top and bottom ends. If only you could buy them for a couple of bucks each.
So has anybody had the chance to compare the SR Red to the AH Platinum?
@T_ramey - I tried out the SR Red and the AH Platinum in the same equipment (not a true A-B comparison OK). I found the SR Red to be great on inner detail retrieval, but a tad bright IMHO. The Synergistic folks were nice enough to give no questions asked refund. The AH Platinum is still in service.
I had the same experience that Strateahead had. The SR Red was a bit bright in my system as well. The AH and Red both added more depth and bigger sound stage, but the AH allowed for a richer tonal balance. I had been using the SR20 fuses with the WA chips. I have purchased an additional AH fuse and plan to buy more. They have been a very worthwhile upgrade for my system.
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