Fuses that matter.

I have tried six different fuses, including some that were claimed to not be directional. I have long used the IsoClean fuses as the best I have heard. No longer! I just got two 10 amp slow-blows WiFi Tuning Supreme fuses that really cost too much but do make a major difference in my sound. I still don't understand how a fuse or its direction can alter sound reproduction for the better, but they do and the Supreme is indeed! I hear more detail in the recordings giving me a more holographic image. I also hear more of the top and bottom ends. If only you could buy them for a couple of bucks each.

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I have some that were conditioned under the northern lights(very transparent) and there only $199 a piece if your interested?
Not sure if anyone knows that these are fuses that feed transformers, no signal at all goes through them. The 60-80$ fuses are in line with miles and miles of wire before you plug it in the wall. SPEND MONEY ON MUSIC....
Your correct, it's America. My belief is that electronics companies would really benefit from this upgrade for very little money, do you think they would discount it if it was true.