Fuses that matter.

I have tried six different fuses, including some that were claimed to not be directional. I have long used the IsoClean fuses as the best I have heard. No longer! I just got two 10 amp slow-blows WiFi Tuning Supreme fuses that really cost too much but do make a major difference in my sound. I still don't understand how a fuse or its direction can alter sound reproduction for the better, but they do and the Supreme is indeed! I hear more detail in the recordings giving me a more holographic image. I also hear more of the top and bottom ends. If only you could buy them for a couple of bucks each.

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Bizangol I am with you kind of. Well put. What it took for me was the word 'supreme' on the fuse. I just feel my system is so warm and fuzzy I got 'The Supreme' fuse, non better. Money well spent I say. Now how about those cute little screws? Or maybe change the paint color that way I can kill two birds with one stone. Make the wife happy and make me cool. Ya I thinks I will go with the paint. Anybody got earls number?
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Polyglot please post back when you get those Liquid Nanos in and broke in. Thank you.
It seems this fuse thread is an excuse to talk about everything and nothing at the same time. I think the best study of how fuses sound is not science it is your ears. I think that we can't measure everything the ear hears. I also feel that science does draw effectual reasons for some of what is what in materials and application. So like mapman I got an idea. I think I can improve ones hearing that will make everything sound different and maybe better. It will not only improve your hearing but it will be a fashion statement. Believe me nobody will want to be without one when they see Scarlet O'Hara wearing one. Beleive me, beleive me, belive me. Are you beleiveing me yet? Ok now I can make lots of $$$$$$. Ha ha ha ha ha ha you look funny now.
Well done Bryon. For me Bryon has always been clear logical and open. I cannot say that for some who want to argue with him. I don't see him saying he is right but him wanting to enlist good information to narrow in on the solution or answer or whatever is being looked at. Those like Geoff I haven't been able to see so easily and clearly where they stand or what they are trying to convey. Which honestly makes listening to them frustrating at times. I thank Bryon for keeping in this sector of audiogon a reasoned approach that can result in fun for our hobby and some real benefits in sound quality.