Fuses of Ayon CD5S

I sent an e-mail to USA Tube Audio for the specifications of CD5S fuses but received an unhelpful response. After I inspected all 12 visible fuses on the board and one fuse in the IEC inlet, I recorded the fuse specifications as follows

Power: T3.5AL/250V
F301 to F304: T500ML/250V
F351 to F353: T1AL/250V
F401, F403 and F404: T3.5AL/250V
F402: T500ML/250V

They are all in 5x20mm.

Please help me to confirm these numbers if you have prior experiences in replacing these fuses.

Thanks in advance and happy listening!

Doesn't the owners manual have that listed so consumer can keep spares on hand?

If you did not get an owners manual perhaps they have PDF available for download.
Hi Albert,

Thank you for being consistently helpful. You are such a dependable member.

Unfortunately the owners manual I have doesn't document these details.


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Thank you. ZD542.

I will contact The Cable Company.