fuses instead of breakers?

I've been looking at new sub panels and breakers lately and I am amazed/disappointed in the quality of the breakers in particular. The contact surface area, even for a bolt on breaker, seems to be so ridiculously small. All this work to get good power, good wire, outlets that grab, power cords, grounding rods and then you have this flimsy connection to bus bar?! The old style fuses seem to me to have a better mechanical connection then breakers. Does anyone use a fused sub panel for their audio? Are there panels that would except the Isoclean fuses for instance?
An insurance adjuster (while investigating the lightning strike on my house) told me why breakers have replaced fuses. With fuses, if they burned out, people would put in a penny, or jumper around a cartridge-type with a wire. Insurance companies forced the change to breakers.

Regarding contact area... a small contact area means a high contact pressure, which is good. I wouldn't worry about it.
I have the Isoclean sub panel and am quite impressed by it.
Thanks for your response Eldartford. I would like to find a bolt on breaker with a large contact patch. Stii looking. I started to think, though, that a regular fuse even the old screw type fuses would seem to provide a better more positive connection when compared to a snap in breaker. Thanks again for your input.
Hey GMC,

Ya, that Isoclean unit is awesome! A lot of money though. I find it interesting that they use 32 amp breakers in the panel to supply 20 amp? 15 amp outlets? That is not to code in the US. Are inspectors signing off on them?