Fuses for a Bryston 4B ST

A friend suggested upgrading the fuses in my modified Maggie 1.6s and my Bryston 4B ST with silver filament fuses. I figured while I was at it, I'd replace the one in my B&K 307 AVR. I currently use the B&Ks Pre amp section for stereo listening with the Bryston. Does anyone know what size fuse the Bryston requires? Also, The B&K requires a 12 amp fuse but all I can seem to find in the silver filament variety is 12.5 amp. TIA
With the Bryston 20 year warranty.. I'd be careful about the fuses.
A strange fuse swap is just the sort of thing that could void the warranty! I would ask Bryston.
That meets our approval on all levels E.Good advice,Bob
thank you for the thoughts on the matter. :)
The fues are 7amp fast blow. I just replaced mine and I noticed a nice increase. A little more dynamic. I will be listing my fuses as I just purchased a SST and am selling my ST. The fuses were $35US each at the parts connection. If you are interested you can let me know.
I tried the "audiophile" Parts Connexion fuses also and liked them.