Fuses again

Two tweaks for fuses that work: other than trying out either direction (surprise warning!) treating the fuses with tuning chips from Akiko Audio and even more so applying Acoustic Revive ECI-50 both have significant impact on sound quality. Inmy experience rhe effect was greatest on the power amp and DAC power supply. Just try either on stock fuses, you‘ll end up buying specialist fuses just from that experience. As regards those my best experience has been with Furutech, sadly they are rapidly turning into unobtainium.
I tried looking them up?  I could not find them.  Can you suggest a website?  Are they a paste?
I tried looking them up?  I could not find them.  Can you suggest a website?  Are they a paste?


How can this make a fuse sound better!! snake oil 100%.
No technical info whatsoever, this needs to be moved to the "Misc Audio" forum!

Cheers George
Take a chill pill, Georgie.
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I just checked out those tuning chips.  Sounds like one of the biggest bunch of BS I have ever heard.
I just checked out those tuning chips. Sounds like one of the biggest bunch of BS I have ever heard.
You got that in one.
There’s just too much of this "snake oil voodoo BS" on this forum, the mods have to cull it, or the site will become a laughing stock. Like geoffkiat's Machina Dynamica audio website  

Cheers George
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Since the editor chose to remove my comment: no further contribution from me on this. I know what I hear, and I don’t gratuitously insult others.
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You'll find that the norm here. Sales are what keep this site going and disparaging products that support this site, and the mods allowing it, gives one pause. Some, here, are wrapped way too tight and scour the forums for things to attack. This used to be a nice place.

All the best,
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Instead of personally abusing posters for calling snake oil or voodoo on very suspect products.  Try to prove technical points about the product if you support them, after all it is a Tech-Talk forum isn't it!!???

Cheers George

Georgie, you're a fine one to tell other not to abuse others when it's you calling card. People cringe and roll their eyes before reading your contributions.

You've ran out of arguments a long time ago and now resort to going to the mods and jerking their chain over moving topics as a last resort and claiming some kind of pyrrhic victory.

You've heard of situational awareness, haven't you? You do realize that all one has to do is go back over your posts only to find that you're one, incredibly abusive person who should have been given a time out long ago.

All the best,
This is all a bit ridiculuous, the one calling people names wasn’t me and the moderator clearly has a peculiar view on wodunnit

wrongly accusing me of abuse while spuriously having my post removed doesn’t even allow me to make my point on the record. I call that callous

admittedly on a different product by the same company: here is a glowing review by reputable reviewer. To dismiss the supplier as ‘Voodoo BS’ is inappropriate
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It's very simple, you posted this product in the "Tech-Talk" forum, so show us the Technical proof on why it works.
If not get it moved the the "Misc-Audio" forum where it belongs.

Cheers George
Georgie, you're a fine one to tell other not to abuse others when it's you calling card.
Only what you promote sunshine.
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Those things don’t need technical explanations, because they are not obscure "snake oil products" trying to get sales here from the gullible.

And leave the personal insults and my dog out of it, thank you

For the avoidance of doubt: I am a private individual with no affiliation whatsoever to the articles mentioned, that @georgehifi comes to a different conclusion...
Music Maestro lacquer has resulted in a significant increase in air around individual instruments. The amp seems ‘faster’ I applied 2 coats to the outside ceramic base of the tubes.
I used Black Ravioli Pads to dampen the cables as near as possible to the speakers’ binding posts and: Kazooks! major tightening in bass performance and depth as well as overall transparency.
Are you related to geoffkiat in anyway, as he’s been mia since around the same time you started up.

Thanks for standing up to georgehifi constant bullying and harassment here. Sadly, there are few members here that you cannot have a meaningful conversation or discussion without stooping down to their level.
I read the sixmoons reviews with disbelief that such balderdash is taken seriously! AC tuning sticks indeed! Maybe Srajan Ebaen and crew can review the Tice Clock soon! 
Georgie is simply a bully who seems to have established a rapport with Admin which he abuses to no end. He's like the kid who cheats in school and accuses others of it. Fuses are not the only thing Georgie takes exception to. Take a gander at other topics he's ruined using the same tactics with his abusive behavior and yet his posts remain. Maybe  Georgie and Admin are made for each other.

He's gotten so nasty and Admin has allowed it for so long that I notified SR about it. Their sales here help keep this site going, like all products sold. The fact that Admin takes their cut from it and then allows someone to bad mouth their product is troublesome. They said it's an ongoing situation they have with A'gon, and that's a shame. 

Like I said, this used to be a nice place. Now, it's like some bastard form of farcebook where trollers and fools can vent their frustrations and hassle folk who simply enjoy their hobby and try to share it with others.
This place has been dumbed down quite a bit and is none the better for it.

All the best,
@nonoise - my hat's off to you and I congratulate you for still posting these kinds of messages.  I just got tired of trying to fight trolls and also feel it is sad that we have to work around all these kinds of negative posts.

I completely agree with you! Mods continues to allow his bullying and toxic behavior for whatever reason. I have curtailed my enthusiasm on sharing my experiences with many tweaks that have improved my system for the exact reasons mentioned in your post.

It is really a sad situation for many enthusiasts who are simply enjoy their hobby and wanna share their positive experiences with others. It is up to the individual whether they want to try the product or simply dismiss it. At least threads like these creates awareness and allows us the opportunity to better our audio system. 
Thanks @auxinput and @lalitk for the positive feedback.
I feel I may not be long here after this but so be it if it comes to that.
One has to stick to their principles, even if it ends bad.

All the best,
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We shouldn’t allow what other people say about specific gadgets or products to bother us. 
Besides being counterproductive in general it gives the impression there could be some secret vested interest or motive at stake. 
Personal attacks/bullying is a different story.

Thanks for chiming in @audio2design and @mapman 
Good points from both of you. 

What I'd like to point out is that anyone can say anything they want of me and know I'll take it in stride. It's just when I speak back and get the better of them, using the same tone and tactic they use, and better them in the process, only to have them cry to Admin to have it deleted, is where it goes beyond the pale. But then, thats' just me. 👍

All the best,
We should all ignore the A-SO from down under and move on. Just don't respond to the A-SO's post. That's all :-)
PS: A-SO = Anti-Snake Oiler

If this sort of "snake oil" stuff especially in a "tech-talk thread, continues to overrun audio sites like this with no opposition, it will become an audio forum for voodoo'ers and snake oiler's to proliferate in.
See how long this would last over at DiyAudio forums, guys like Nelson Pass, John Curl etc etc would demolish it in a second. 

“Never wrestle with a pig. You just get dirty and the pig enjoys it”.

Just to get everyone up to speed on what "snake oil" "voodoo" BS your buying here with your money, and add your shipping costs.
It’s the little self-adhesive black dot 5mm with white Japanese text on it, on the end of the "demo fuse" pictured, you don’t even get the fuse!!!

Cheers George
So have you tried it?! And what about the Acoustic Revive contact enhancer? Oh yes, it contains oil, must be from a snake...

Any thing from that company, looks seriously dubious, and marketed toward the gullible
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“Never wrestle with a pig. You just get dirty and the pig enjoys it”.
Well said @lalitk
Anyone notice how George's insults and abuse gets a pass from Admin?
Any theories as to the double standard?

Why can’t you guys keep the "personal insults" out of it, and focus with arguments as to why this snake oil works, just as I do the opposite with against it.

It’s because you won’t have any cred at all with any answers you conjure up as to why this snake oil works , and that’s a fact!
Yep it’s all snake oil. Including room treatments. Snake oil.

Real acoustic room treatments can be measured, and have an effect on how things sound.
(but snake oil ones like HFT's https://ibb.co/jwFCC47 very doubtful)  
I use them vertically, without making any contact to anything, just suspended in air.  They sound fantastic :-)