Fuselier Model 9 speakers

I'm looking for specs, pictures, or any information on Fuselier model 9 loudspeakers. Circa mid 80's I believe.
I would appreciate any help I could get on these.
Thanks in advance.
I believe thase were built by Fat Julian in Atlanta. Try Julian's Audio in Roswell GA if it is still there.
You are correct. Fat Julian is no longer in business. Of course you know that. I'm trying to get an idea of what the System 9 looks like or what the driver compliment is.
I know where a pair is but I don't have a clue about them.
Multi dynamic driver (cones and domes) series crossover network "panel" speaker (infinite baffle style) for midrange and treble with seperate bass reflex woofer cabinets, typically with woofer facing room corner to load up the bass output. I heard them at Audio Art in Richmond VA back in the early 80's. Great "you-are there" sound! I don't think John made too many pairs because of their size and cost. I have a print-out of one of the patents John obtained for the series network crossover that provides details about the Model 9.
Hello Fuselier Lovers, I have Fat Julian's Model 9's, bought them from him at his store in Roswell, and I have an original owners manual if anyone is interested.
I would love that owner's manuel!  I have a pair of Model 9's myself!
Anybody have a pair of Model 5 for sale?
I have a set of Model 5 for sale Serial number 2028.

Grayson Tudor
Are the model 9's worth getting?