Fuse : Voltage ratings

My AES SuperAmp 25 has company supplied Fuse of 250 V, 500 mA. I ordered HiFi Tuning Silver Star Fuse 250 V, 500 mA as a tweak/ upgrade for my Amp . What I got from the supplier a Fuse of 500 V , 500 mA. Is it safe to use this 500 V fuse to replace the 250 V fuse ( with same rating of 500 mA ) ?
Considering the cost of the Fuse , I wish to know from guys here before I even try to install the new 500V Fuse.
No issue with using a fuse with a higher voltage rating - as long as the current rating is the same.

Agreed. You're fine with what was sent to you.
Is there an issue regarding slow blow and fast blowing fuses? What kind are the HiFI Super Tuning fuses?
Both Fast and Slo-Blo are available, in all of HI-FI Tuning's versions. ( http://www.partsconnexion.com/fuse_hifituning_main.html ) YES- NEVER replace a Fast-Blo fuse with a Slo-Blo. Damage to your equipment could easily result.
Thank you guys ,
I now know that I am OK with the 500 V Fuse sent to me.
Howdy folks,
Not exactly on topic, but close; has anyone had problems with the 2 amp AC fuse blowing on the 25? Mine went for no apparent reason and I cannot see anything inside the case that looks out of the ordinary. There is no sign on any component that would indicate a problem. I have just ordered 5 new fuses so will be trying one out when they arrive (couple of weeks, unfortunately) to see if it blows immediately or ??
Any experiences like that?