fuse types for Esoteric X-03

If I were to replace the stock fuses in one of these units, what size and type and how many would I need?

Has anyone done this and what was the outcome?
Why don't check your unit, or mail Esoteric if you wish to have correct figures and scheme over fuse holder?
I would suggest, you change all fuses in your chain, not just the cdp. This is best way to obtain most of it all.
That's obvious,I've used Iso Cleans and HiFi supremes in the past, and I'm about to place an order for four for my tube amps,so I'd just like to add to it for the cd player.

Most gear has spec list that informs you about what fuses to use, not so the Esoteric, nor is there any Euro fuse on the IEC that I can see.

Also, since I bought the unit used, I don't know for sure if the internal fuses are original values or not,so just opening the lid and ordering the values I see isn't a given of what's kosher.

I guess I will have to seek out the information from the company.
Esoteric was very prompt in providing me the information about the 5 fuses that I need.

4 are 2 amp 250V, one is 4 A,250V- all are 20 mm glass.

My guess would be that the 4 amp fuse would be the most logical fuse upgrade.Leaving the other 4 to be done down the road.

Would I be correct in this approach?