Fuse size

I have a pair of ESS heil amt 1 with JBL power series speakers they look a little ruff, SOUNDS great! BUT I blow the 2amp fuse some times what size should I have in them? What power do they accept/need 
It calls for a 2 amp fuse. You use a 2 amp fuse or LESS.  Never up, always the same OR down. 

Clean the fuse holder surfaces. If it's crusty, rusty, or otherwise, use a small flat blade screwdriver, scrape the surfaces and then clean with rubbing alcohol.  Blow it out with low (dry) air pressure in a can or a compressor.

If it's one side only, swap sides, left to right. If it continues on the same side, BUT not the same speaker, you might have an oscillation issue with one channel on the amp..BUT always inspect your cabling, for problems and TIGHT, CLEAN connections... Isopropyl works fine..

Increasing the fuse size because it blows is like shutting off the carbon monoxide alarm because it's giving you a headache.
Thanks , I'm pushing them with a pioneer vsx-D603S 1994 really sounds great 
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Last time they blew both went at the same time, seems odd, normally I have that pioneer in my game room pushing  2 fisher and 2 kenwood speakers with no problems, loud enough to not be able to talk and still clear