Fuse replacement in the Exposure 2010S integrated amplifier

Has anyone experimented with swapping the fuse in the Exposure 20110S integrated amplifier for an "audiophile" one like a Synergistic Blue or HifiTuning Supreme CU, etc? A representative from the company claims it's a waste of money. I'm not interested in an ideological discussion, only empirical evidence.

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I have replaced the stock fuses in my Pass Labs INT-60 amp, their First Watt F7 amp, and their headphone amp -the HP-1. In all three amps the Synergistic Research Blue fuse made a substantial improvement. I have tried the HiFi Supreme fuses and for me, the Blue fuse has a greater positive effect. 
They come with a 30 day return policy, so I recommend that you give them a try.
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David Pritchard