Fuse replacement in the Exposure 2010S integrated amplifier

Has anyone experimented with swapping the fuse in the Exposure 20110S integrated amplifier for an "audiophile" one like a Synergistic Blue or HifiTuning Supreme CU, etc? A representative from the company claims it's a waste of money. I'm not interested in an ideological discussion, only empirical evidence.
30 day free trial, go for it.
I tested some SR fuses a while back after simply assuming they were ridiculous, and found that my original assumptions were correct. Littelfuse or any other properly rated fuse from a "standard" manufacturer provide all the fusing you need as fuses have ZERO impact on the sound upstream because, hey, they’re fuses. SR's ratings are also suspect as some I tested that had been rated to match what the amp required actually popped immediately. 
Outlier alert 🚨 Looks like it’s going to be close, though. Wolfie vs 50,000 others. Perhaps that’s a self-fulfilling prophecy, Wolf Man. Or maybe you psyched yourself out. 
I have replaced the stock fuses in my Pass Labs INT-60 amp, their First Watt F7 amp, and their headphone amp -the HP-1. In all three amps the Synergistic Research Blue fuse made a substantial improvement. I have tried the HiFi Supreme fuses and for me, the Blue fuse has a greater positive effect. 
They come with a 30 day return policy, so I recommend that you give them a try.
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David Pritchard
I only tested them when presented with several samples from a friend in the biz. The "50,000 users" claim has never been verified, but I’m fairly sure the amount of people NOT using these useless and overpriced products (including geoffkait as there's no room for one in his oft mentioned walkman/grado sr80 rig) is far higher.
Funny how outliers keep coming back again and again trying to convince us they’re right and it’s the other 50,000 who are wrong. What could possibly go wrong with that strategy? 😬 Besides, we already know that certain tweaks don’t produce good results for some people. And we know the reasons why that’s true. Live and let die. 
Popped in A HifiTuning Supreme Cu and it was terrible, harsh, unnatural,  sibilant... then, I changed the orientation and, voila, an immediate change in sound. After a day of usage, I experienced an unmistakable improvement in harmonic saturation, accuracy, detail and clarity over the stock Littelfuse. Soundstage is comparatively frontal and closed in but I hope for continued improvement as it burns in. I'm a believer.