Fuse Removal Hegel H300

Can anyone help with this annoying problem? I would like to change the fuse on this unit but am being stymied. It looks as if the fuse is under the IEC connector on the back of the unit. There seems to be a compartment door of some kind BUT I can't get it open! Wants to snap if I try a small blade screwdriver. What am I missing?
In my experience it slide out with finger pressure and shouldn't need a screwdriver, unless it's tightly in and needs a bit of persuasion. See Amp Maker: Guitar amp kits and parts :: Mains + fuses :: Integrated IEC and fuseholder] and see if it helps. Remember, it's not hinged.

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nonoise you are the best! Thank you. I was trying to visualize what this looked like. It is being stubborn but at least I know what I am dealing with now. I will try again tomorrow when the light is better and my old eyes can see what is going wrong.
I have to hold a flashlight in my spare hand, or in my mouth, or put on one of the LED flashlight headlights to do anything audio. I do like the new headlights.

I hope you will  be trying a Synergistic Research Black fuse with the Hegel. I have a feeling that amp will really respond to eliminating the fuse bottleneck.

David Pritchard
The move to a Synergistic Fuse is what has sparked this. Thanks to nonoise I was able to see what I am dealing with and although the design is a little different than the link he sent, it was close enough to help me through. David recommends the Black fuse. I was going to try the Red. Any other thoughts? Thanks to you guys for the help.

I would simply start with the Black fuse. In most situations including my three tube amps and four solid state amps, the Black fuse outperformed the RED fuse. The difference in sound is significant. In most systems the RED fuse is a nice improvement and the Black fuse is a major improvement.

Now I have spent a lot of time breaking in 21 Black fuses and a combination of RED fuses and the original SR-20 fuses.  It is a fun experiment but time consuming!

David Pritchard