Fuse for Tice Powerblock II

Hi, I just blew a fuse in my PowerblockII and have no idea where to get the supply of replacement fuse. I just learned that Tice just folded. Would appreciate any help.
Radio Shack, Auto supply stores, Hardware stores. Good luck.

Do you know why the amperage exceeded the fuse's rating?

I found a vintage Tice Power Block for sale locally by me but it has a blown fuse. The owner told me when a new fuse was popped in it the unit worked again with no issue. I'm going to ask him why and/or how the fuse blew in the first place but is there anything else I should be on the look out for with the unit?

I took a look at the outside of the unit and physically everything looks okay with the exception of the top protective grill. It just needs to be re-attached. The meter, switches, legs, and rear outlets all look to have no damage.

Anyone ever blow a fuse on a Tice Power Block? I'm wondering what could have been done to make the fuse blow. These units are tanks.

Thanks again.

Yes you are correct, they are pretty much bullet proof.

The blown fuse would indicate there was a shorted piece of equipment, or at least a short of some type on the secondary side of the isolation (Tice PB) transformer.

The interior of the case has some switches, and caps, and everything is well secured.

However, if someone did the original "lift the ground" mod from an early service bulletin and did not cover the end of the ground wire, and secure it, it could have come in contact with a metal part within the case and caused a short.

You can PM me if you have additional questions.


That would take out a fuse too.