Fuse for Dartzeel CTH-8550

Hi Everyone,

I would like to ask about replacing fuse T4A for my Dartzeel CTH-8550. Though, my dart is work really fine and good sound. But I still need a little bit more power especially in bass / mid bass area. So, I think the best way I can do is to replace fuse from normal one inside dart.

The question is what fuse should I use for "T4A 250V specification" (Temporize 4 Amp 250V - not sure fast or slow blow)

I would like to hear any suggestion from you all.

my system consist of
Dartzeel CTH8550 [ pc. JPS Labs Aluminata ]
Ayre CX-7e [ pc. shunyata python cx ]
Kharma DB-7 Speaker
all cable using Cardas Clear interconnect / Speaker cable
Try flipping the existing fuse around. That might help.
I think the cardas clear IC and Sc is the cause of the problem, although it is a nice sounding cable, it lack the slam in the bass and tight mid bass , try a pair of hi fidelity ct1 IC and you will find what you miss.
I found that changing fuse can improve sound but cannot change the character of the sound.
Thank you so much for Geoffkait and Noom.

I will try flipping fuse around and maybe will try nice fuse (under 100 USD$ fuse).

But about cable. I've never heard "hi fidelity ct1" but I will find a chance to listen and demo it. Not sure that I can find it in thailand or not. Otherwise, will try transparent / siltech / nordost.

Best to you all :>
Toa 3k ,you can try flipping fuse to see how it improve your system,
I used to have the same problem while using cardas clear which I still own,
When I try hi fidelity ct1 ,the sound improve dramatically, especially in the slam and fast tight bass which is lacking in cardas clear.
I also reside in BKK and bought this cable from nik studio, just go listen to this cable , i think with your nice system ,you will find huge improvement .
Good luck