Fuse for Concert Fidelity Dac 040?

Does anyone know what fuse the Concert Fidelity Dac 040 uses?
Teajay or Prawax... Do either of you know what fuse the 040 uses?
Hey Cyrus,

I'll check in with Mike Kay (Audio Archon) who is my friend and sells Concert Fidelity about the fuse and then will get back as soon as I hear from him.
Is it possible for you to email Hajime Sato at Eastwind Imports? He is the US representative for CF. I am pretty sure he can provide the answer.
Hey Cyrus,

Just talked to Mike, the fuse is a 2amp rating. Hope this helps.
Thanks, Will do.
Thanks guys, Great response from both of your suggestions. , Cyrus
I understand from Mr Sato of Eastwind lmports that actually a 1 amp slow blow fuse is needed. Just thought it was worth noting on this thread.
Just thought it made sense to correct this thread. The fuse needed for the CF DAC-040 is actually a 1 ampere slow blow rated fuse. I learned this from Mr. Hajime Sato who confirmed that 2 amps is a mistake.
A few years back they were shipped with 1 Amp fuses...the last year or two they have been shipped with 2 Amp fuses. I will have Hajime re-verify this with Masa. I should also mention this is for Japan or the States where the voltage 100-120V. If your voltage is 230V you would need 1/2 the fuse size.

Audio Archon
Sorry, Mike, you are right. It is a two amp fuse. I got confirmation of this too from CF. Sorry for the confusion.