Furutech vs. Wattagate iec's

I always thought furutech had a longer history and better build than the Wattgate connections. However I notice the prices for the same cords with Wattgate's are higher. any thoughts?
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let's have a shootout for iec's and plugs. anyone want to volunteer for this project ?
I use the Wattgates on my refrigerater and notice the cold air is more focused. The fan is more quiet with the furutech. Can't imagine what the oyaides could do.
Ray has improved the Wattgate plugs with higher tension contacts. The silver ones are most impressive.
Which Furutechs? There are several distinct designs.
The reason I brought this up is that I had a power cord sent back to me because the iec was not Wattgate but furutech. The furutech iec is standard on the Harmonix studio master xdc. According to MAYAUDIO the ditributer for harmonix cables there is no sonic difference.