Furutech vs Audioquest Power Cables

Hello everyone, my first post here. I'm in the process of upgrading power cables and wondering if anyone here has first-hand experience testing out Furutech's Nanoflux power cables vs high-end Audioquest cables such as Hurricane/Firebird/Dragon. In order for me to try them out, I will need to pay for them and test them out and then return one for a refund via an online store as I can't find any distributor who carries these cables in my area. Anyone A/B these and can comment on their general characteristics and attributes? Thanks for any help!
As I am sure, all these cables in the 3-5k range are great cables, the point is if you are prepared to spend that kind of money, it would be sensible to find the 'best' cable among the bunch. Maybe
Well I use the Audioquest Hurricane with my Audioquest power conditioner. It just makes sense to me. 
All my other power cords are the excellent Cerious Technologies Matrix cables. I have tried many others.
But, depending upon if you are using the power cords for digital, analog or amps that may make a difference.
Never used the Furutech though sorry, I do like their outlets.

Paul McGowan, CEO of PS Audio was so "gobsmacked" by the Audioquest Dragons when all components in system 1 were plugged in using them that he purchased the lot even though PS makes their own Power cables!!  If you go to PS website, you can watch a brief video where he discusses the issue.
Full Disclosure:  PS is now going to be offering AQ cables with their gear.  They are recommending specific AQ cables that they feel mate well with specific pieces of their equipment.
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Why not just buy the bulk cable and the connectors of your choice and make them yourself.Many YouTube videos of how to do it, and it will cost you about one third as much.
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Be aware that thecableco.com only offers returns on certain cable lengths.  They will offer return on power cable only if it is 5-6 feet.
Thanks for the advice. My gear: T+A 3100 int amp, Chord TT2 DAC, Innuos Zen MK3 streamer/server, Focal Kanta 3 speakers. I am currently running the Atlas Mavros Grun speaker cables. As I live in Europe, I don't think I can use the dealers suggested. However, I have found an online store which does carry them and offer returns. But if I want to try 3-4 cables I'm going to have to dish out 10-12k and that's a lot.
You have a really nice system. Sometimes I look for what used gear is sold on the different websites and see which one people are trying to get rid of the most. If the market is flooded with it I would stay away. On the flip side if it is hard to find mass marketed product in the used market it is very likely most people love that model. A lot of PS Audio power cables are for sale on the market. I believe the like a solid core power cable. A lot of manufacturers use stranded cables. I personally have Nordost Blue Heaven power cables. If you have something that draws a lot of power Like an amp you will need a thicker awg cable. Everything else you can use standard cable. I know it is expensive but you get one shot to get it right so make sure you can do an A-B comparison and that you have it in writing you are allowed to return the cable in a limited amount of time. You might want to wait until this pandemic is under control so you don’t run into issues. Most companies are running on skeleton crews or working from home and the mail is even running a little slow. Possibly use Amex for the credit card so you have a company that can back you up and purchase the items at the beginning of your billing cycle so the money does not come out of pocket right away or at all. 
Very good points hsifi, thanks! I will probably wait a bit as you suggested. A/B is the only test worth doing for me. If you can't A/B, it means close to nothing for me. I guess my source needs upgrading too at some point. Not sure if I will continue with Innuos or try something else like Aurender N10.
I'm loving my AQ THUNDER 1 meter cable plugged into my AQ Niagara 1200....plus my AQ X3 cables used for my sources, sacd/cd & dac.....I've no reason to buy anything else, sounds nice to my ears. 
IMO, you may be better buying used.  Broken in cable not the same as brand new cable, and you may err when making determinations for your system prematurely with cables that have not fully settled in.  (I know this issue will probably generate a lot of flack, but...)
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I use AQ Tornado High-Current and Source Power Cables for my main amp and preamp.  I use the AQ Niagara 1200 for my power conditioner.  I am extremely pleased with the performance.  In fact, I use AQ connecting signal cables throughout my system as well (Earth signal cables).  I swear by the AQ line of products.  There are a number of great products on the market and you really can't go wrong with any of them.  AQ satisfies me very well and I believe in their proven research, so that will be my recommendation.  We all have our reasons and you will have to make yours.  I'm just glad to offer my very good experience with a great brand.  I strongly suggest that you do the research on the brands by reading their technical information.  You will learn (as I did) about the materials they use and, more importantly, why they choose those particular materials for the application.  That is how I landed on my decision to use AQ throughout my system.  I hope this helps you.
Wait a minute I forgot that I have several DPS 4 power cables. These are Furutech's!
I made these using the top of the line Furutech NCF plugs and IEC's. They really do have the power! I use these in areas that I think need the shielding that these cables provide. Such as, with my  Oppo 205 and with my JL subs.
I still prefer the Cerious Matrix on the majority of my equipment though.

I use Shunyata power cords on all my equipment except for my Esoteric player where I use An Acrolink cord.  I thought ( I could be very wrong) that T and A makes power cords?  If they do, why not try one of theirs?
B34.....there was a power cable shootout on the AudioBacon website....over two dozen brands analyzed. Hope this helps.
Great recommendation on the power cable shootout.
I'd also like to know what experience you have with different power cords. I'm not a cynic when it comes to the benefits of upgrading. I am wondering if there's a noticeable difference between a $500 cord and $3000. Unlike components, the quality of the actual materials used in, say, a Cullen Crossover II or ZenWave's cords and one of the big boys like AudioQuest/Shunyata/Furutech is a zero. Components use better materials with little to no whizbang creating notably higher costs. These hyper expensive power cables seem to leverage the whizbang for increased cost.

Maybe I've just created another thread... I'm curious to the OP's experience so we can give better options.
safebelayer (I assume that you do rock climbing), there truly is a difference in the materials applied in higher cost power cables.  This is also true in their shielding.  There are different types of copper, silver, how they are extruded, how the plating process is done, dielectric system, and the list goes on.
Then the question is, can you hear a difference when using the higher cost power cables, the ones with more expensive materials and production costs?  If you can then you have satisfaction.  If you can not, then no reason to waste your hard earned cash.  But my point is, there is indeed a difference in the quality of materials between less costly and more costly power cables.
Would you trust your life to belaying with heavy jute cord or high-quality climbing cable?
Do you have a dedicated power line with high end fuse?
This might be a worthwhile improvement, before investing more into power cables. 
After having a 20A HC Hurricane connected to my Niagara 7000 for a year now, I too began to wonder if the power cord was too bottom up in sound. I really wanted to try a Dragon but, lets just say I’m not rich.
I decided to make one on my own. I used 10 gauge .9999 pure soft silver wire and the best Teflon oversized tubing I could find. I covered the tubing with some granite mesh from Parts Express. I terminated the cables with Furutech F-50 NCF fittings. Heck, I even braided it like the Dragon.

To my surprise the Hurricane was holding back my system. My new power cord brought so much more life to the music it is awesome.

Now, if I could only figure out how to make one of those dialectic things...

BTW, my Hurricane is now connected to my Audioquest 1200 which powers my 2 JL F-113 subs.


If you're still interested in feedback on these, I own the Furutech Nanoflux, Nanoflux NCF, and AQ Dragon power cables. I've demo'd the AQ Hurricane more than once to compare to the above.
According to my dealer, the Furutech Nanoflux NCF which is the top of the line is the one to get. It’s very good. One of his customers initially bought 5 for his system and added 1 more after hearing the improvements that these cords brought to the system. It’s better than the regular Nanoflux.

No experience with Audioquest cords. Another brand is Acrolink Mexcel. Do check out the higher range PC9900 and PC8100. I have the PC9700 and it sounds absolutely amazing even though it’s only 1 connected to the component. They are rather costly and I currently do not have the funds to add another one to the other component. I will eventually get one more for the DAC.

Safeblayer, Mammothguy54 got it right. I used to be a cynic as well but there is a difference with different grade cords. The main difficulty is differentiating quality cords built by good honest companies from high priced voodoo cords.
The Audioquest Thunder/Dragon lines are solid core designs with heavy shielding. Each core is shielded with foil and a drain wire separately. These 3 are braided and connected with beryllium/silver plated connectors. The result is a dynamic big bottom, clear black background kind off sound. But the trade-off is some transient choking and lack of extension and air. For source components they are brilliant. For a power amps I would use a non shielded design (maybe some shielding with Class D) like Furutech Alpha 3 or Nanotec 308/309.
Theses comments about megabucks AQ power cables compromising their systems is very depressing and makes me wonder to what extent their opinions may have been formed by their moods and/or the AC line quality on the particular day. And this is coming from someone who uses both a PS Audio P20 and an AQ Niagara 5000 and expensive AQ balanced IC‘s and AQ William Tell Silver Zero biwired speaker cables. And I think they make a big positive difference. After all this expense, I just can’t splurge right now to try that last supposed weak point- between line and power conditioner/regenerator. I will make do with my supposedly inferior Pangea and PS Audio AC cables to fix the 30 feet of Romex and whatever lies outside my house.
Real audiophiles have big buck cables and standard house wiring, because they are always happy with small improvements.😁
I personally would consider neither, but AQ has higher snake oil ingredients.  

I used my shares of AQ for decades --- still actively use a few today (simply because I couldn't sell them off without massive loss).  My humble opinion is one would get more value from their classics series than all the current models with the fancy, confusing names.  In some ways, buying AQ is like buying mattress.

It is funny that I ain't the one who went thru the AQ "sucker" process:  Started with entry level AQ and pondered enough to keep upgrading ... only to find out the top of the mountain isn't as welcoming nor fulfilling.   I hope your experience differs from mine.

I think the quality and /or price of the cables has to match your system. You can put premium fuel in your car. Unless your car has a high performance engine you will not notice the difference. You can drop $2000 on a power cable. Your system might not know the difference. Silver cables will definitely color/ change the sound. It may not be the sound you want. Audioquest makes good quality products. I use Nordost blue heaven on the majority of my system. Subs I use thick basic cables. More important is the source. You can get more power and more clarity. If your power source is not up to par then your amplifying bad sounds. Look at the Puritan PSM156. http://www.puritanaudiolabs.com/products/master-purifiers/psm156/I tried this out. I new it would probably clean up the bottom end and some noise. I did not expect it to lift a vail off of my system. One product improved my whole system. Even with factory power cords. I tested it. I heard nuances coming out of my system that were lost before. Who knew power matters. I know some say power cords do not make any difference on test equipment. It does make a difference to our ears. Do you know how many speakers are created and test great on the computer but sound horrible. Ask Paul at PSAudio. I think he is on his third or fourth set of speakers. I am very impressed he will not compromise despise what it is costing him. I would start with the Puritan. It is made in Europe if I’m not mistaken and sells for 1499 euro. They have a less expensive one with less filters. Do this first. Then upgrade the power cables.    


There’s the Nanoflux and a Nanoflux NCF.

If you’re asking about the regular Nanoflux, it’s a powerful, full sounding cable, that can give you the impression that you are adding a lower octave to your gear. It’s a fun sounding cable but as my system improved, it wasn’t refined enough.

Since it was released many years ago, I’ve experienced higher performing cables. I think the original Nanoflux is worth half it’s original asking price these days. It’s no longer competitive at its msrp, in my opinion.

I think the Audioquest Hurricane sounds like a lightweight Nanoflux and I compared both but preferred my Nanoflux. Nanoflux cable is a full, weighty, sounding cable but it is not state of the art with regard to focus and black backgrounds.

The Furutech Nanoflux NCF is also a very good power cable. It’s hard to describe outside of the context of other cables one uses as well as the type of outlet and if one is using an audiophile outlet with a particular metal plating.

For me, the Nanoflux to me sounds best into a copper outlet without rhodium or silver plating. I’m using a Cryo’d Hubbell so it’s unplated brass which means up to 90% copper (I don’t know specifically). But if one likes a faster sound and has plated outlets, the Nanoflux can deliver a very fast yet natural sound.

Implementation of the NCF connectors likely contributes to tight, punchy bass regardless of ancillary components.

Focus and black backgrounds are much improved in the NCF version. The NCF version is not as warm and is more transparent.

So the original Nanoflux is a more forgiving sounding cable, while the NCF version is more demanding of your other gear but can deliver higher performance.



@rnrmf1971 Thanks for the detailed response. Very helpful!

I understand what you mean by the original Nanoflux being not being refined by today’s standards. Like yours, my system has become considerably more nuanced. I recently put Furutech NCF connectors on one of my PAD power cables. Easy to hear the improvement. I’ve got dynamics, weight and black background. Now, I’m working on timbre. Thx, again.