Furutech speaker cables

Has anyone heard any speaker cables from Furutech? How do they sound compared to others? I am looking for cables that have a very strong center fill, that push the vocals in the center of the soundstage.
Currently using a DIY bi-wire configuration of Furutech's FS-Alpha Speaker Cable, which uses finely stranded Alpha-PCOCC conductors.  The Alpha treatment includes deep cryo & demagnetizing processes.  I believe their highly regarded Speaker Reference III cables are simply the FS-Alpha cable with a techflex jacket and the addition of their Formula GC-303 antimagnetic EMI-absorbant modules.  You can decide whether you want to pay the premium for the modules, which are not available for DIY.

I find the FS-Alpha cables to be clear and even-handed across the frequency spectrum.  They are not the most dynamic cables I have heard (which are typically solid core wire cables), but they have excellent tonality and IMO serve the music well by providing good body and depth, particularly in the midrange.   I suggest reading the reviews such as the review of their builk cables at Dagogo but particularly Srajan's review of the Reference line, which IMO provides a good description of how the upper end bulk cables sound.

Some like the FS-15S bulk speaker cable, which is OFC and not OCC but which uses solid core conductors and very good foamed PE insulation.

Heard them with Audio Note gear ..., very nice.

Heard them with NAIM and with MARK LEVINSON .. "Meh??... at best .."

Your takeaway: 

(1) How they sound AND whether or not you actually like it is  ENTIRELY system dependent ..... Full stop. One size does not fit all.

(2) if your looking for a particular dramatic esoteric emphasis or prominence shift, the effect of speaker cables by themselves in isolation wont get you there on their own.

Ignoring the effects of the actual recordings - good or bad -The degree of performance influence/ effect will scale down with different pieces in the system. It will usually start with the greatest performance and resolution capabilities provided by your  source first, then the amp, and then the synergies provided by the alchemy effect of ALL the cables (ICs, speaker and power) in unison , not just any speaker cables in isolation.

Thank you Mitch2. The  FS-15S was on top of my list. Is the FS-Alpha the one with purple colour?
Yes, the FS-Alpha has a purple jacket.  The Alpha is fine stranded OCC wire while the 15S uses solid-core OFC wire.
I am between the  FS-15S and the FURUTECH ALPHA-S14, that is a lower gauge of the top of the line bulk cable S25. I have a solid state amp and i have never tried a solid core cable. Furutech"s description is :

 Sound characteristics:
Superlative resolution, airy, open treble, fast-paced and
highly cost-effective

Sound characteristics:
Top noise eliminator, quieter backgrounds, striking three-dimensional soundstage, solid punchy bass

I was a little confused at first. With the description above i thought that the Alpha S14 was the solid core and that the FS-15S was the stranded. Both cables are 15 gauge.
Go to Furutech's website under products, bulk cables, speaker cables and when you open each individual type of cable, under specifications it will list how many strands and the diameter of each, which you can use to determine the gauge with the table linked below.  The FS-15S shows 1@1.5mm, or one strand at 1.5mm diameter, which is slightly larger than 15awg.

go to  audiodrom.cz to read a great speaker cable group test. The Furutech wins the test againg many other top brands like Kimber, Audioquest and Van Den Hul. The test is available in english. The Furutech had the best overall balance and it was the most musical.
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