Furutech Silver Arrows Phono Cable

Does anyone have audition or ownership experience with the Furutech Silver Arrows-12 phono cable?

My front end (Technics SP10 MkIIa, SME V-12 arm, AirTight PC1 Supreme) seems to be a little 'lack-luster'. I'm wondering if it's the Harmonic Technologies silver phono cable that's to blame. Phono preamp is the proprietary unit onboard the Aurum Acoustics CDP / Preamp. While not bad, the Aurum phono board was bypassed by a Pass XP10 phono preamp.

There rest of the system is cabled with Furutech, hence my asking if anyone knows their Silver Arrows-12 phono cable first hand.

Thanks in advance for your sharing what you've learned in your audio travels. 
I own the Silver Arrows, used between an Aesthetix Rhea and a much-modified Lenco.  At the time I installed  the Furutechs, I thought I heard a great improvement between them and the Cardas ICs I had been using.  A lot of that was "expectation bias," I'm afraid, 'cause I moved the Cardas back in a while ago and couldn't tell much if any difference, certainly not enough to justify the difference in price.
Hi dopogue,

Thank you for sharing your experience with the two tonearm cables you have used.

Since then, have you experimented with any others? I'm still looking.

Again, appreciation,