Furutech Reference I/C, AC and speaker cables

I heard these cables yesterday at a dealer´s place and was impressed. Having read the reviews on dagogo, 6moons and PF, I wonder if audiogoners have tried these cables, too, and found them to be of reference quality? If so, please write what you compared them too.
Florian Hassel
Hi Florian,
I can tell you one thing about Japanese higher end (notice i dont say hi-end as in USA) products. They are made to exacting standards. What ever is sold in their local markets has to be top notch. The Japanese people are an unusual species, they will not sell locally something in Japan that is not top notch & trouble free. Labour & hence repairs costs are sky high. They are patriotic people & will not take their own people nor foreign markets for a ride. I have bought several iems in Japan locally, they are trouble free & exactly as per specs.

I want your opinion on Synergistic Research & Purist Audio Products. I am seriously looking out for interconnects & spkr cables.

I have read rave reviews on both the Evolution series which is the budget Furutech range, as well as Reference series.

Suresh Lalwani
For Power cords, Furutech are favourite choice in my home town (HK). I also got 2 pcs 314Ag DIY with Furutech IEC. Good for budget buyer and value for money. Favourite choice for video yet value for money for audio too (I use them for audio at present).
Their power conditioners, fuse and accessories are also favourite choice in my home town