Furutech RD-2 vs. RD-1

Has anyone compared the two CD-demagnetizers? Is it worth upgrading? One reviewer in the German high end magazine Image HiFi - like me a convinced user - wrote that, no matter how often you use the RD-1, there is still improvement when using the RD-2. True or false?
Educate me. How is it beneficial to demagnetize a medium that operates
It's my understanding that Furutech increased (doubled?) the degaussing time. I own an RD-1 and haven't felt the need to replace it (yes, it does have a beneficial effect).
To really find the low down log on to www.6moons.com and go into the archive directory on the right column then into the reviews section.Scroll down to the July and August 2002 sections and you will find reviews on the RD-1 /RD-2 and a follow up between to both...
Hope this helps.
I am interested in comparisons between the Furutech RD2 and the Bedini quad beam ultra clarifier. Are they both demagnetizers? Which is more effective? Can a cd benefit from using both?