Furutech powercords

Has anyone tried the Furutech FP-314ag power cable.Has anyone compared them to other brands?. It sounded nice and detailed however a little forward in the mids - will this change with burn in? If so how many hours.
Six Moons had a review on Furutech power cords in the last couple of months. It may have information you are looking for.

It was a very positive review if I remember correctly.

Hi Consttravellor,

Thanks for that Ive checked it out sounds impressive. Has anyone else tried them out.


Hi Stephennic,

I don't have the FP-314Ag, but I have most of my system wired with Furutech Audio Reference III cables and I have to say they are some of the best I've heard. But the fundamental difference between these and the one that you are looking at is that these use PCOCC wire. It is single crystal copper.

Furutech cables and connectors are generally world class, but they seem to not have the popularity in the US. They are quite well received in Japan. Try them out from the Cable Company...they offer home auditions with their stuff for an extremely nominal fee. Do a test drive with your system.