Furutech IEC inlet upgrade

Has anyone tried to updrage the Cary 308T CD player (or any other CD player by Furutech or other IEC inlet? Does it require any soldering? All opinions will be appreciated.
I recommend the Pure copper or silver IEGO IEC found here: http://www.audiocircle.com/circles/index.php?topic=53868.0

Ag-R301(BU) $90/ea (Solid 9999 silver)
Gu-R301(BU) $30/ea (Solid 9999 copper with gold plating)

$20 flat rate for any quantity to anywhere in the world.

No soldering required. I have 3 of the gold plated copper version and am happy with the results.
I am slowly changing some of my iec's to Furutech FL 09 iec's. It is physically larger than stock iec'c, so it requires a little work but it does not require soldering. I hear a little more air , better dynamics, and blacker background. Not a huge change,but probably worth the $70.
I've upgraded the stock IEC inlets in my preamp and amp with Furutechs. I also did the same with the IECs in my former CD player and phono preamp. In addition to the sonic improvements, I've found the Furutechs to provide a more solid connection than the stock inlets when mated with Furutech and Oyaide IEC plugs.
I only have experience with cryo treated versions of the Oyaide C-004 IEC and P-004 male plug (beryllium copper/platinum/palladium) versus Furutech FI-25 gold connectors (phosphor bronze). The C/P-004 are a noticeable improvement over the Furutech FI-25s, as they have also been reported to be over the lesser Oyaide models.

I think you will find that the different material and plating combinations within each of the two brands, as well as between them, will result in sonic differences. I've never bothered to try the lesser Oyaides versus the Furutechs because IMO the base materials are basically the same (phosphor bronze). At least the C/P-004 are beryllium copper, a completely different material.

Careful matching is important to obtain a sonic signature that you like. I've tried the Furutech rhodium plated FI-25s and found them to be clean sounding but too cold and sterile with my system. I found that I preferred the warmer sound of the gold connectors. This is all subjective and you will find those who think the Oyaide connectors as a whole are better than the Furutechs. I suggest trying both for yourself.